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Example sentences for "cushions"

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cuse; cushat; cushion; cushioned; cushioning; cushiony; cushy; cusp; cusped; cuspidate
  1. Now, having gazed at these, we can lean back on the cushions and wait patiently for the sea.

  2. We didn't have to open more than one of the seat cushions and, lucky thing, we found it full of excelsior.

  3. There were some cushions piled on one of the lockers and they looked as if someone had been sleeping on them.

  4. Then it was that Miss Breezy settled henwise among the cushions on the sofa and let herself go.

  5. She liked its Spartan simplicity, its white walls, white furniture, white carpet and the curtains and cushions which were of delicate water-color tones suggestive of sweet peas.

  6. Feo, who had been dancing until five o'clock that morning, was lying full stretch on a dozen cushions in the shadow of the house, Macquarie in attendance.

  7. If he had been the ass total and complete he might have loafed in the comfortable haze which surrounds the average intelligence, and cushions it against the world.

  8. Better still was the home-coming--to board the empty train at Skeighan when the afternoon sun came pleasant through the windows, to loll on the fat cushions and read the novelettes.

  9. There were lounging chairs and sofas, window seats covered with soft cushions of fantastic designs; there was one corner fitted in Persian fashion, with a huge canopy and a jeweled lamp beneath.

  10. The invalid turned on his cushions with a sigh.

  11. The poor lady was sobbing with joy, and led her errant son into the room where his father sat propped with cushions in an easy chair.

  12. The village is grey and white, all its walls are whitewashed, all its roofs are slate with cushions of stone-crop clinging to them.

  13. Unhurt, but probably blushing furiously beneath her fur over her own vulgarity, Chloris was retrieved, and spent the rest of the drive in wiping all traces of the accident off her ribs on to the cushions of Christina.

  14. He coughed convulsively, but briefly, then tried to move the cushions so that his head might find a more comfortable resting-place.

  15. The girl propped her father up with rugs and cushions so that he found his position tolerable, and he fell asleep.

  16. I will well," answered I; so he bade the slaves carry out carpets and cushions and roast a lamb and bring us some fruit.

  17. Here he hired a handsome house, which he furnished with carpets and cushions and hangings, and stored his goods therein and put up his mules and camels.

  18. It is indeed for loveliness a very Paradise, With all its goodly carpet[FN#84] spread and cushions richly wrought.

  19. As he moves feebly along the marble floor, he is supported on either side by Don Juan de Mañara and Garcia de Padilla, then sinks exhausted upon a pile of eastern cushions prepared for him on an estrado.

  20. We then prepared a little sheltered nook for Mrs. Jack, with rugs and cushions so that she might be quite at ease.

  21. So I got great armloads of rugs and cushions and made up two nests close to the fire which I built up with solid logs.

  22. She had sunk to the floor and lay with her face hidden in the cushions of the chair, with the gold light from the lamp spilling over her.

  23. Then he spread himself out on the cushions and gave way to disconsolate reflections.

  24. You'd be sure to fancy there were people or things there, and it wouldn't be half so frightening if you could get into a pew with a carpet, and make a bed of the cushions and hassocks.

  25. There were no cushions in the church, but we collected all the hassocks we could, and built up a sort of little nest, and then we all huddled in together.

  26. Our friend’s wife seemed ashamed to be caught with her face uncovered, but she offered us cushions on the floor before she retired, and her husband followed up her courtesy with his pipe.

  27. One of the common cottages of the country stood upon the left, and in front of it a large arbour, covered with a grape-vine, was under-laid with cushions and carpets.

  28. Suppose the thickness of these cushions to be a quarter of an inch.

  29. The spine is composed of twenty- four separate bones, which do not lie upon one another, but are separated by cushions of elastic cartilage.

  30. There is always a moisture in grass, and that cushions and all that only helped to draw it out.

  31. For twice a year there came a wind, salt with the brine of earth's ceaseless tides, whispering to it of a wondrous land whose sharpest stones are sweeter than the silken cushions of all the world without.

  32. Then they pitched down all the pillows and cushions of the divans till they covered the sharp stakes, so that their points might not hurt the fugitives.

  33. She had knelt down to bury her head amidst the soft cushions of a chair when Lionel entered her dressing-room.

  34. The two black sofa cushions intended possibly to serve as background, being small, instantly disappeared behind the seated women.

  35. He had improvised a rough kind of stretcher, with the help of the cushions from Lady Patience's coach, and on this, with the aid of Timothy the groom, he had carried Bathurst all the way across two miles of Heath into Brassington.

  36. Leaning back against the cushions of the coach, she had sat with eyes closed and hands tightly clutched.

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