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Example sentences for "cutest"

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cutbacks; cutbank; cute; cuteness; cuter; cuticle; cuticular; cution; cutis; cutlash
  1. Miss Minerva imprinted a thin, old-maid kiss on the sweet, childish mouth.

  2. One time they's a man name' William Tell and he had a little boy what's the cutest kid they is and the Devil come 'long and temp' him.

  3. I'll betcher I'll be the cutest kid in that church," boasted Jimmy conceitedly.

  4. Everybody said he was the cutest baby in U.

  5. He said to me: 'Here's Merefleet the gold-king, one of the cutest men in U.

  6. So argued Pat, the Duhallow huntsman, the experienced craft of whose aged mind enabled him to run counter to the cutest dodges of the cutest fox in that and any of the three neighbouring baronies.

  7. He's the cutest little brown dog you ever saw--I know you'll just love him!

  8. And we have the cutest little dog we found.

  9. He was," said Susan earnestly, "the very cutest little corpse I ever laid my eyes on.

  10. Dick Reese's violin solo is to be one of our titbits and Kit Reese is in every tableau and the three small girls have the cutest flag-drill.

  11. He has the cutest little way of calling me "Willa-will.

  12. Illustration: "The cutest hiding-place in the world.

  13. She had wanted the cutest and the peppiest in her suite but this was more than she expected.

  14. Betsy's one blue eye and one brown eye with their frames of thick curly lashes always fascinated Mimi but when Betsy was thrilled as she was now, her eyes were the cutest things Mimi ever saw.

  15. There's one up in that tree that sings the cutest every evening and morning.

  16. I do think they are the cutest little bugs.

  17. I haven't but the one I asked Mr. Hartman for, and they make the cutest penwipers for Christmas.

  18. Oh, they're the cutest things you ever saw.

  19. So Sister Sallie ran in next door, and pretty soon she came back with two of the cutest puppy dogs Alice had ever seen.

  20. They are puppy dogs," replied Sister Sallie, "and the cutest ones you ever saw!

  21. It was the cutest thing you ever saw--all complete even to the blinds in the windows and the awning over the piazza.

  22. One of the cutest things about Himself is that he never can understand why anyone, no matter what the provocation, has to lie.

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