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Example sentences for "dabbled"

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dabat; dabbed; dabber; dabbing; dabble; dabbler; dabbles; dabbling; dabchick; dabchicks
  1. All classes of men dabbled in the art at this time; the last mentioned was a pope, the one of whom we now speak was a poet.

  2. Like all the learned men of that day, he dabbled in astrology and alchymy, and was thought to have made immense quantities of gold from lead and copper.

  3. Many were themselves accused of witchcraft; and noble ladies were shewn to have dabbled in mystic arts, and proved to the world that if they were not witches, it was not for want of the will.

  4. They habitually spoke of their aunt's money as 'good money,' as though other people's aunts dabbled for the most part in spurious currency.

  5. He found it hard to believe that he had known any other life than this of the wild, and harder still was it for him to reconcile himself to the fact that he had once dabbled and dawdled in the Bohemian drift of city life.

  6. You've dabbled and played and frilled for five years.

  7. It was daylight now, and the men stood about him dabbled here and there with blood, and foul with grease all over, while he fancied that one could have smelt them from the schooner.

  8. Listen to me; I have not myself dabbled in these lesser mysteries, but I know one who hath.

  9. He could not resist lingering at that appeal: he entered the den, and his feet were dabbled in the slow streams of blood that gushed from the corpses over the sand.

  10. He had dabbled a little too freely in illicit loves.

  11. But he dabbled very neatly in little ditties, vers d'occasion, and the like, some of them rather light and pretty, though not of the most perfect style.

  12. He had probably no settled faith of any kind, but he dabbled in astrology, as he dabbled in all other arts.

  13. Many of the emperors from Tiberius to Caracalla had dabbled in this witchcraft.

  14. Like Bramston’s hero, he also dabbled in gardening.

  15. Provoked by his fidelity, at length they brutally beat him with the butts of their pistols until his gray hairs were dabbled in gore, and went off to other plunder, telling their followers to take what they wanted from my residence.

  16. Did I tell you that while she was abroad she dabbled in water-colors?

  17. To pass the weary time Jones and Hill dabbled in and experimented with hypnotism and telepathy.

  18. The police, of course, shared in the plunder, and dabbled in every species of blackmail.

  19. Her bloom became blight; her lips oozed out poison, and she dabbled in corrupt things.

  20. For a while she sat there undisturbed, and idly watched the growing ripples as she dabbled in the stream.

  21. Then the maidens undressed and dabbled and splashed one another, and frolicked in the crystal pool.

  22. There the murderer had entered, and by that way escaped; for they found the leads of the gutter dabbled with blood.

  23. The time, moreover, had not come for the pitiless extermination of all who dabbled in forbidden arts.

  24. There, he was only in my eyes a man--a man well past middle age, with a long white beard, now dabbled with the thick blood that kept gurgling so hatefully from the red spot in his waistcoat.

  25. The first of these dabbled openly in love philtres and other unavowable medicines; and he was also suspected of having poisoned the Duke of Savoy some years previously.

  26. The royal relatives that dared oppose the king, the stalwart nobles that conspired or raised the standard of revolt, the great soldiers who dabbled in civil war, found themselves committed to Vincennes.

  27. And then again and again, in my mind, I seemed to see the torn and crushed face of my darling, and her long curls dabbled in blood.

  28. The dabbled clots of brain and gore Across the swirling sabres ran; To me each brutal visage bore The front of one accursed man.

  29. Did I tell you that while she was absent she dabbled in water-colors?

  30. Then he lifted one of her long brown tresses, dabbled as they were in blood, to sever it gently and carefully with his sword, and unbuckling his corselet, hid it beneath the steel upon his heart.

  31. He saw the unsparing arm raised to strike, and the bright curling locks dabbled all in blood.

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