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Example sentences for "dabbed"

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daar; daat; daba; daban; dabat; dabber; dabbing; dabble; dabbled; dabbler
  1. Once more he rolled his handkerchief into a ball, and dabbed it softly to and fro from one hand to the other.

  2. He took out a miserable little cotton pocket-handkerchief, rolled it up into a ball, and softly dabbed it to and fro, from one hand to the other, with the regularity of a pendulum.

  3. For articles of this kind, made of bronze and papier mache, the water should be used only hot enough to melt the tallow, and they should be only gently dabbed or rubbed off with a very soft cloth or leather.

  4. The surface is covered with oil size thinned with spirits of turpentine, and gold, in powder, is gently dabbed on with a puff of wash leather.

  5. This should have some oil of a drying nature put on the surface, a little dabbed on with the tip of the finger will be enough.

  6. A close examination of the surface is now made, if found quite satisfactory, it may receive its final polishing by the application of some very fine glass paper wrapped round a piece of cork, with a little clear oil dabbed on it.

  7. This operation continues until the floating particles are tasteless when dabbed on the tip of the tongue of the taupo, who then proceeds with the straining.

  8. The unfortunate victim screamed lustily several times, dabbed wildly at the parts affected with a little yellow rag which suddenly appeared from nowhere, and then ran, sobbing, from the room.

  9. And Ruth dabbed and looked, and dabbed again, until she suddenly found that if she put another stroke she would spoil all, and also that her hands were stiff with cold.

  10. There was keen, sensual joy in the running oil, the unctuous oil that flowed everywhere upon the decks; they dabbed their hands in it; it soaked their garments and their very skins drank it in.

  11. He hailed one of the men in the waist, now, and gave the wheel to this man, and then crossed to where Mauger lay and knelt beside him, and dabbed away the blood upon his face.

  12. If an ointment is used, it is to be thoroughly rubbed in, in small quantity; if a lotion is employed, it is to be well shaken, the parts freely dabbed with it for several minutes and then allowed to dry on.

  13. They should be applied twice daily; ointments, if used, being well rubbed in, and lotions thoroughly dabbed on.

  14. If an ointment is used, it is to be thoroughly rubbed in; if a lotion, it is to be dabbed on for several minutes and allowed to soak in.

  15. Ointments are to be rubbed in or applied as a plaster; lotions, employed chiefly in ulcers and ulcerations, are to be thoroughly dabbed on, and usually supplemented by the application of an ointment.

  16. She softly dabbed her face with her handkerchief to please him, but so as not to disturb anything, and the young man from the Foreign Office laughed.

  17. Lady Scilly was in white linen, so awfully pure and angelic-looking that the little boys dabbed her with fish-scales as they passed her.

  18. Shirin had dabbed at her brow and rose to peer out the door of the observatory building, as though by instinct.

  19. She laid aside the rome-chauri, the rubber ring impregnated with powdered hair that she often asked him to wear for her, then took a vial of rose attar from beside the couch and dabbed herself absently along the arms.

  20. He absently extracted a large, dark green leaf from the pocket of his doublet and dabbed it in a paste he kept in a crumpled paper.

  21. Perhaps I came to again--I don't know; for it may have been a dream that the old gentleman came softly back and dabbed my head gently with a towel, and that the towel was stained with blood.

  22. He patted her clumsily on the shoulder, and she dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief.

  23. Poppy swallowed a little and dabbed her pocket-handkerchief against her eyes.

  24. Then she whirled round, leaned her elbows on the hand-rail, pulled her handkerchief out of the breast pocket of her smartly fitting coat and dabbed her eyes with it, finely indifferent to possible comment or observation.

  25. She dabbed her eyes once more and looked at Mr. Iglesias, smiling ruefully.

  26. Reminiscences of Rosser were flaunted, dabbed forth like blisters, their unpleasantness being excused by their curative intent; but to no avail.

  27. I believe we should have liked each other had I been some nice young married woman with a red star for 'Sold' dabbed on my frame.

  28. His face was obscured by a dirty pocket handkerchief, with which he dabbed tenderly at his features.

  29. He dabbed at his forehead with a wet ball of a handkerchief.

  30. For reply he dabbed a big, boyish finger down on the slender name-card among the crumbs of his bread.

  31. He took some of the cold water and dabbed it on her curls.

  32. The acid gum is then dabbed off with a rag, the stone is cleaned up with turpentine, rolled up once more, gummed and finally set aside to dry.

  33. The plate is now etched slightly in a weak solution of nitric acid; it is then rinsed, dabbed dry and placed upon a hot plate until the resin has stuck well to the ink.

  34. Seizing another he dabbed again; the quill stood the shock; the small clerk ventured a sigh of relief and laid aside the inky napkin which he had pulled out of his desk expecting an upset, and prepared for the worst.

  35. Mr Sudberry seized a quill, dabbed it into the ink-bottle, and split it.

  36. Fumbling behind him, where the pillow had lain, he found a much-soiled handkerchief and tenderly dabbed at his swollen eye.

  37. This he cut out, refolded it till it slipped in the violated envelope, dabbed the flap neatly with Pappy's mucilage, and returned the letter to its proper pigeonhole.

  38. It is dabbed with the killed-spirit brush, and a small piece of solder put near the joint.

  39. With a swift movement Pinky unpinned the towel, unwound it, dabbed with it tenderly at her mother's chin and brow, rolled it into a vicious wad, and hurled it through the open doorway.

  40. Her eyes were red-rimmed behind the powder that she had hastily dabbed on, but she smiled bravely.

  41. Clay of the desired thickness is then rolled out as described and applied to the mould and dabbed flat with a sponge or dabber.

  42. The clay is now well dabbed down with a wet sponge or dabber, to take out all wrinkles, pressed firmly onto the mould and the waste cut off.

  43. I picked him up and talked to him; and when his wizened little face was close to mine, he opened his mouth as if laughing, and shooting out his red tongue dabbed me right on the tip of my nose in pure friendliness.

  44. She sighed and again dabbed at her eyes with her ruined pocket-handkerchief.

  45. She suddenly sat up straighter, and laughed, and dabbed at her eyes.

  46. She dabbed at them ineffectually with a wet handkerchief, and added with unconscious absurdity: "Karl couldn't have done it.

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