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Example sentences for "aunts"

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aunswer; aunswere; aunswered; auntie; aunties; auoid; auoide; auoided; auoiding; auoient
  1. The work which had taken his doting mother and maiden aunts years to accomplish, would be thrown overboard in a week, and a new Smithy arise.

  2. Frazer in Totemism and Exogamy, there is often a special name for the mother's brother when other uncles or aunts are addressed simply as father or mother.

  3. The aunts came down and looked at him, but not recognising any likeness to their brother, they sent him away with a few shillings.

  4. Circling round the aunts were Theodora von Ungern Sternberg's five motherless children, a perpetual life-giving influence to the home.

  5. Whenever he returned from sea, to which he had been sent as soon as he was old enough, the aunts grudged every day which he did not spend with them.

  6. Lady Taylor remembered that, in their later life, a beggar once came to the door of the aunts at Bath, and declared he was their brother Henry.

  7. Augustus wrote to Lady Jones in 1827, that the most difficult task his aunts had ever imposed upon him was that of writing an epitaph for their mother, there was "so remarkably little to say.

  8. My being difficult to satisfy gave the aunts an unusual handle for abuse, and plentifully did they bestow it upon me.

  9. The aunts in vain tried to persuade her to take away "some of the drawers," so that I might "never have the feeling that the cabinet was wholly mine.

  10. The presents of the quintessence of rubbish which I had to receive from my aunts with outward grace and gratitude.

  11. His aunts Lady Jones and her sister Louisa Shipley constantly implored him to return to England and settle there, but in vain: he was too much accustomed to a roving life.

  12. She helped her cousin and her legal and Mormon aunts with the children and the cabin labor, trying to adapt herself to their habits.

  13. Roxy offered to stay with her, but she rejected companionship, promising her uncle and aunts to lock herself within the cabin and hide if she saw men approaching from any direction.

  14. He had nothing to say to me except that his uncles were second in all the virtues and all the talents to no man in town, and that his aunts and cousins--but he did not get so far in his praise of his aunts and cousins; I fled.

  15. One of the aunts refused to eat anything except cake, explaining, in order to relieve the anxiety of the company, the details of an acute attack of spleen from which she had recently suffered.

  16. I have said nothing about my aunts--I have four aunts and eleven cousins.

  17. His paternal aunts came from Khorasan, and ere the forty days of mourning were over, a small cavalcade arrived from Tashkend.

  18. He could have found out of course; but that might have been to put his paternal aunts on the scent.

  19. So he came back again, to work on annexation with the pen instead of by the sword, and to receive three more paternal aunts who came crowding to claim his boundless hospitality.

  20. Maham turned pale; Dildar and the paternal aunts and khanums--by this time there were ninety-six in all!

  21. He laughed over the doggerel, as he sat joyously eating fruit once more, and reading a letter which told him that in a month's time two of his paternal aunts would actually pay him a visit.

  22. Nathless," he wrote, "I am keeping certain presents for my aunts and cousins, which shall be sent when opportunity offers.

  23. Go and speak to your aunts and uncles, my dears," said Mrs. Tulliver, looking anxious and melancholy.

  24. The aunts were silent with surprise for some moments.

  25. And he must be humble and grateful to his aunts and uncles for what they're doing for his mother and father, as must be turned out into the streets and go to the workhouse if they didn't help 'em.

  26. Chapter III The Family Council It was at eleven o'clock the next morning that the aunts and uncles came to hold their consultation.

  27. Maggie, having hurled her defiance at aunts and uncles in this way, stood still, with her large dark eyes glaring at them, as if she were ready to await all consequences.

  28. But hadn't I better kill a couple o' fowl, and have th' aunts and uncles to dinner next week, so as you may hear what sister Glegg and sister Pullet have got to say about it?

  29. Little gells as cut their own hair should be whipped and fed on bread and water,--not come and sit down with their aunts and uncles.

  30. We must always love our parents, and grandmamma, and grandpapa, and aunts and cousins--Amen.

  31. I believe the uncles and aunts would really prefer to keep it from her altogether.

  32. Childless widowed aunts or uncles usually transfer their property to those who would otherwise inherit it, and so become a charge upon those persons.

  33. She calls one of her aunts her mamma--it's her mother's sister, you see.

  34. I have a couple of aunts somewhere out Bessingford way," spoke Amy.

  35. And I can fill in the between-spaces with uncles and aunts and cousins, I think," spoke Betty.

  36. A few maiden aunts and one or two old fossils.

  37. I writhe to think of being overcome by so unfair an enemy before I have demonstrated myself to maiden aunts who mistrust me, to colleagues who scorn me, and even to brothers and sisters who believe in me.

  38. My youthful aunts always promised to come to see me, but rarely kept their word.

  39. My aunts were informed of what had happened; they communicated the news to my mother, and for the next four days that quiet part of the country was ploughed by stage-coaches, which arrived in rapid succession.

  40. To one of my aunts she would write: "Look after little Sarah; I shall return in a month's time.

  41. My mother, who had been sent for immediately, came to take care of me, and I saw the rest of my family, my aunts and my cousins.

  42. It was, as Rose had said, a record of her darling's pretty sayings and doings, and gentle regrets that his aunts could not have the happiness of being at home to watch his daily growth in wisdom and beauty.

  43. My aunts have no right to send him out with me.

  44. And there was no hope at all of the aunts bringing her to town.

  45. He made me help him up to his room, and tell aunts he was not well, and could not come down to supper.

  46. He made me smoke a cigar, and I was so terribly sick, and he made me steal the sideboard keys, and get whiskey for him, and said if I did not he would tell aunts something that would make them forbid me to come to the picnic.

  47. It was about half-past-two o'clock when my aunts said I was to go out with Godfrey.

  48. She was beyond reach of her aunts and Jane, out by herself, alone in the wide road; and without her being conscious of the fact, this unwonted loneliness added to the terribleness of the situation.

  49. Oh, you may do as you like with my hair, if the aunts will only let me sit to you!

  50. I have no peace, day or night; and he is so good when aunts are there.

  51. It is because the aunts all speak to me as if I were four years old, and order me about.

  52. You know your aunts would never hold with your touching a corpse.

  53. In vain the aunts remonstrated, and urged their usually meek charge to eat.

  54. Then the Duckling's five aunts pushed their way through the crowd to the nest under the edge of the strawstack.

  55. The eldest son, John, born in 1777, and his sister Christine, some three years older, lived in Edinburgh with aunts who showed exhaustless kindness and interest.

  56. She had not waited long, before, One fine autumnal day, She saw the large old coach arrive, To take her aunts away.

  57. I wish my aunts would go with me, But 'tis in vain to ask; They are so deaf and rather lame, They'd think it quite a task.

  58. Our aunts and grandmothers always tell us that men are a sort of animals, that, if they are constant, 'tis only where they are ill used.

  59. And it is to avoid asking that they have always aunts or mothers.

  60. The persons known in prison as tantes or aunts may be best described in the ingenious words of the governor of one of the great prisons to the late Lord Durham, who, during his stay in Paris, visited every prison.

  61. He is not going to see anything, because by cablegrams his aunts got he is one place today and hundreds of miles away tomorrow.

  62. Even the Pope himself endeavoured to prevail upon Her Highness to join the royal aunts at Rome.

  63. Madame de Guiche Grammont, the King's aunts at Rome, and the two Princesses of Piedmont, wives of His Majesty's brothers.

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