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  1. The Perseus Project, a database that provides a multimedia curriculum on classical Greek civilization, is a good example of the way in which entire curricula are being recast using information technologies.

  2. As an entry in a database (huge by all means), the past sheds its romantic aura, only to align itself with the present and the future.

  3. Westlaw is one of the two leading legal database providers and, as I mentioned before, one of the key proponents of creating intellectual property rights over unoriginal databases.

  4. The "good" is that we are supposed to get lots of new databases, databases that we would not have had but for the existence of the database right.

  5. Despite the fact that the European Commission has a legal obligation to review the Database Directive for its effects on competition, it was more than three years late issuing its report.

  6. Are database rights necessary for a thriving database industry?

  7. If the United States does not give intellectual property protection to raw data, to facts, how is it that the database industry has managed to thrive here and to do better than in Europe, which has extremely strong protection?

  8. Those are the three questions that any review of the Database Directive must answer.

  9. There are lots of commercial database providers and many different kinds of databases.

  10. Since 1991, a few database companies have lobbied the Congress strenuously and continuously to create a special database right over facts.

  11. In fact, academic scientific bodies have been among the strongest critics of database protection.

  12. This seems to be some evidence that they believed they could make money even without a database right.

  13. Rejecting a protectionist and one-sided opinion from its Advocate General, the court ruled that the mere running of a business which generates data does not count as "substantial investment" sufficient to trigger the database right.

  14. Europe adopted a Database Directive in 1996 which gave a high level of copyright protection to databases and conferred a new "sui generis" database right even on unoriginal compilations of facts.

  15. The AAP stated that it would be useful if the database could be searched in directories that listed all works restored in a particular country of origin.

  16. The Ziff-Davis service Computer Database Plus, a database with full-text articles from magazines like Datamation and Wall Street Computer Review, depends on them.

  17. You are using Computer Database Plus through a gateway.

  18. Gateways and networks CompuServe users select the Computer Database Plus from a menu.

  19. We call those who have provided the news and information on these services for information providers or database producers.

  20. CompuServe's database service IQuest lets you search NewsNet through a gateway to find and read the same articles.

  21. C) Any significant challenges in compiling the list of the systems and assets included on such list or in the database established under subsection (a)(1).

  22. A new approach, called a spatial database engine, creates intuitive objects from standard geospatial databases and uses commercial databases to add attributes to the objects.

  23. At the heart of this program, large amounts of data are collected within a vast database residing on commercial computers and enterprise management systems.

  24. The Electronic Beowulf Project was launched as a huge database of digital images of the Beowulf manuscript and related manuscripts and printed texts.

  25. It explicitly prohibits hyperlinking to the database contents as "unfair extraction".

  26. The directive copyrights the "selection and arrangement" of a database - even if the content itself is not owned by the database creator.

  27. They belonged to the Saudi-American Bank in Saudi Arabia and were held on a Citibank database in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  28. Force's pet project was creating a database of systems and networks for The Realm, so he simply added the new information to its database.

  29. Training of database users and librarians in the use of and development of electronic databases.

  30. Development of database software capable of quickly searching, filtering, and summarizing large volumes of text, imagery, data, and sound.

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