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Example sentences for "demobilised"

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demiurgic; demmed; demned; demo; demobilisation; demobilization; demobilize; demobilized; democracies; democracy
  1. At a time like that you don't really care about being demobilised just yet.

  2. We gather that the Censor, shortly to be demobilised at home, still maintains his watch on the Rhine.

  3. We are pleased to be able to say that the recently demobilised soldier who accidentally swallowed some "plum and apple" in a London restaurant is well on the road to recovery.

  4. X can't be demobilised because there is no reason for his going, and he can't stay because there is no authority for retaining him.

  5. In other words, to put it quite clearly, as he is being retained he can't go, and as he is being demobilised he isn't to be retained.

  6. It seems a pity that the Press Censor should have been demobilised just when his famous blue pencil might have been really useful.

  7. The demobilised members of a Herefordshire band have all grown too big for their uniforms.

  8. Truth to tell, Durrant had represented himself to be a demobilised officer who had been in love with a lady who had rented one of the flats.

  9. Now he had written to Mr. Phillybag to inform him that, as he expected to be demobilised shortly, he was calling at eleven o'clock to discuss the question of re-entering his employ.

  10. Compliance with such orders as may be conveyed for the disposal of the equipment, arms, and ammunition, including transport, of that portion of the Turkish Army which is demobilised under Clause 5.

  11. We would receive an instruction to despatch a certain number of men to be demobilised at certain specified centres, and the men were despatched to time and in good order.

  12. I felt that I should have been demobilised twice as I enlisted twice.

  13. It is said that demobilised officers, anxious to dance, are finding it almost impossible to buy dress-shirts and evening pumps.

  14. There were mob riots by demobilised soldiers or soldiers still waiting in camps for demobilisation.

  15. His papers showed him to be a demobilised Russian soldier.

  16. He was supposed to have been demobilised ages ago, but we cannot get him off the premises.

  17. Assuredly the demobilised officer who found peace dull was getting his money's worth; and Drummond had a shrewd suspicion that the entertainment was only just beginning.

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