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Example sentences for "demobilisation"

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  1. At home, though the rays of "sweet unrationed revelry" were still to come, and Dulce Domum could not yet be sung in every sense, February brought us some relief in the demobilisation of the pivotal pig.

  2. On better grounds discussion of Mr. Wilson's famous "fourteen points" and of demobilisation has been deprecated.

  3. Demobilisation was nothing to him--he was too old a campaigner to let a little matter like that agitate his habitual reserve.

  4. Demobilisation in the Navy, whatever it may be in the Army, is a simple affair.

  5. Since Armistice Day he had read every article he could find written on the subject of demobilisation and its humours; consequently he knew exactly what he was expected to do.

  6. On his demobilisation I will place the matter before him if you will leave the bill in my hands.

  7. The Officer i/e Demobilisation will demobilise you while you wait (provided you can wait long enough).

  8. Demobilisation began in earnest with the New Year, and parties of twenty-five or thirty left for England almost daily.

  9. The fighting over, demobilisation set in, and every day some familiar faces left the Battalion to re-enter civil life.

  10. Shortly after the Armistice the Battalion was broken up, most of the men not due for demobilisation being transferred to the 6th London Regiment at Blackdown, and the officers to the 9th London, also in the Aldershot Command.

  11. Lieutenant-Colonel Mackenzie remained with the Battalion until it was broken up shortly after the Armistice, when he was appointed Commandant of the Demobilisation Camp at Wimbledon.

  12. Demobilisation increased at a great pace, and by September only 155 other ranks remained.

  13. We want in operation, before demobilisation begins, a great national plan for the creation of good small holdings run on co-operative lines.

  14. Demobilisation should be as swift as possible, and risks be run to make it swift.

  15. They, of themselves, will hold up demobilisation quite long enough.

  16. Frankly, I am afraid that in the difficulty of fixing on an ideal scheme and ideal ways of working it, we shall forget that the moment of demobilisation is unique.

  17. We can take, of course, the right steps or the wrong steps to settle our soldiers on the land; but no wrong step we can take will be so utterly wrong as to let the moment of demobilisation slip.

  18. On demobilisation we have the chance of our lives to put men on the land.

  19. That figure will shrink to a mere skeleton unless on demobilisation the Government is ready with a comprehensive plan.

  20. Yet there are people who still complain of a want of simplicity in the demobilisation regulations.

  21. How is a respectable tramp to know when his group is called for demobilisation if he is not even given a group?

  22. Further, we found to our amazement and delight that the vast majority of officers and men belonged to certain favoured classes, with the result that the demobilisation of the Company proceeded with remarkable rapidity.

  23. Only an army, which was undoubtedly the best disciplined army in France, could have suffered such a system of demobilisation with so little disturbance.

  24. On his demobilisation he went to live at Air Grange, a large old-world house standing on high ground, a good five miles from Blandford.

  25. Early in the New Year the arrangements for demobilisation were put into active operation, and rapidly the strength of the Battalion dwindled.

  26. An Allied Note is presented to Greece demanding the demobilisation of the Greek troops.

  27. Total demobilisation of the Austro-Hungarian Army and immediate withdrawal of all Austro-Hungarian forces operating on the front from the North Sea to Switzerland.

  28. A Note is presented to the Greek Government by Great Britain, France, and Russia, demanding complete demobilisation of the Greek army.

  29. The demobilisation of fortifications must take place within three months.

  30. Similar conditions to apply to Turkish mercantile shipping in Turkish waters for purposes of trade and demobilisation of the army.

  31. Immediate demobilisation of the Turkish Army, except for such troops as are required for surveillance of frontiers and for the maintenance of internal order.

  32. The end of the war and the demobilisation of the army automatically removed the deserter problem….

  33. Therefore the realisation of Workers’ Control is an indispensable preliminary to the demobilisation of industry.

  34. Here we carried on in much the same way as at Landrecies, but owing to demobilisation having become more general, we were losing men daily and our numbers were gradually but surely dropping.

  35. The same sort of work and play and demobilisation continued, and at the end of April we were left with only nine Officers and 52 other ranks.

  36. There was also a feeling, rightly or wrongly, that in the system of demobilisation length of service at the front was not always considered.

  37. Letter received at a Demobilisation office:-- "I have Certified that I Pte.

  38. So he filled in the bare patches in every Demobilisation Form Z 15 he could lay pen to.

  39. It is understood an order has been issued for the demobilisation of men called to the Colours under the last Military Service Act after they had attained the age of 441.

  40. Demobilisation will have to begin nearer home than charity, in the armies of our thoughts; and some are not as highly disciplined as others, some hearts too sore to enter as they would into this Peace.

  41. In the meantime the patter about Indemnities and Demobilisation leaves him cold.

  42. But by this time demobilisation was sweeping away the classes, and the best of the opportunity had passed.

  43. As a consequence of newspaper agitation the original demobilisation plans were seriously upset, and one of the worst sufferers was the Army Education movement.

  44. A feverish rush for demobilisation at once set in.

  45. The report that demobilisation will be completed by March 31st is now officially denied.

  46. There would appear to be something in the rumour that the Demobilisation Staff have expressed the hope of dying in harness.

  47. We also have to remember that the process of demobilisation will be far simpler, quicker, and cheaper for Germany than for us.

  48. In the first weeks of demobilisation the problem was more difficult in that those who needed and wanted work needed and wanted a holiday first.

  49. On February 10 I got back to Charleroi, and on February 13 I left Charleroi for demobilisation or rather 'disembodiment.

  50. After arriving here I became Demobilisation Officer for the 7th N.

  51. Young Harding was going with him, having been given his demobilisation papers, and being desperately anxious, as I have told, to get home.

  52. Many men, too, risked capture in seeking what smokers call "a little fire.

  53. Half the time the smokers, being deprived of their accustomed stimulant, were in that state of uneasy longing which smokers and other stimulators know.

  54. People will lay down the book and exclaim: "How ignorant were our poor ancestors of the laws of life!

  55. Why should they not set an example of the follies which enrich them?

  56. Trall tells us that, during the Medical Convention held at St. Louis a few years ago, the doctors dined together, and upon the table were "forty kinds of alcoholic liquors.

  57. The brain, freed from the dulling, lowering influence, regains a portion of its natural vivacity; and that vivacity frequently finds worthy objects upon which to expend itself.

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