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Example sentences for "deters"

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deterred; deterrence; deterrent; deterrents; deterring; detest; detestable; detestably; detestation; deteste
  1. The hovels are filthy to a degree; and all within and about Torry is so sterile and inhospitable, that a dread of being wind-bound deters even the hardiest mariner from approaching its rock-bound shores.

  2. However, overdependence on minerals and metals subjects the economy to fluctuations in world prices, and a lack of infrastructure deters trade and investment.

  3. Partiality 'deters men from the use of judges and arbitrators,' and is a cause of war.

  4. This military strength deters aggression against our allies, stabilizes our relations with former adversaries, and protects our homeland.

  5. By strangling competition, monopolistic activity prevents or deters investment in new or expanded production facilities.

  6. Even when he endeavors to look within, prejudice and passion often affect his judgment; but more often, the fear of what he shall discover in the secret places of his soul deters him from making the attempt at self-examination.

  7. The unknown far-away deters as much as it attracts.

  8. Teneros animos aliena opprobria sæpe / Absterrent vitiis=--The disgrace of others often deters tender minds from vice.

  9. Ab honesto virum bonum nihil deterret=--Nothing deters a good man from what honour requires of him.

  10. Every murder proves that hanging is not altogether deterrent; every hanging, that it is somewhat deterrent--it deters the person hanged.

  11. This usage deters men of generous minds from placing themselves in such a station of life; and hence persons of quality are frequently excluded from the improving, agreeable conversation of a learned and obsequious friend.

  12. The prison returns show that there is no reason for claiming that it deters many of those who have been punished from repeating their offensive conduct.

  13. That form has been dropped, but the theory is still widely held that punishment deters others than those convicted.

  14. Every murder proves that hanging is not altogether deterrent; every hanging that it is somewhat deterrent--it deters the person hanged.

  15. Next morning Herr Deters rang me up again and told me that Stinnes would call on me in Hamburg on Friday morning.

  16. This morning Stinnes informed me through Deters that he had sent me a wire stating that the proposed meeting could not take place until Monday next, September 2nd, at 8 p.

  17. The journey with these Bedouins is less fatiguing than with the great body of the caravan, as a regular night's rest is obtained; but their bad character deters most pilgrims from joining them.

  18. The idea that punishment deters from crime does not mean that the individual prisoner is prevented from another criminal act.

  19. The great influence that helps to keep many men from committing crime--the judgment of his fellows--no longer deters him in his conduct.

  20. A much larger class of people offers the excuse that punishment deters from crime.

  21. The fact is, those who say that punishment deters have no confidence in their own statement.

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