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Example sentences for "deterring"

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determyned; deterred; deterrence; deterrent; deterrents; deters; detest; detestable; detestably; detestation
  1. That project is sought to be realized by deterring the home authorities from granting an elective local legislature, however restricted in character, to any of the Colonies not yet enjoying such an advantage.

  2. Punishment may also be applied as a means of deterring from crime, p.

  3. Steinmetz adds, these advantages should not be overestimated, as even indiscriminate revenge has a deterring influence on the malefactor.

  4. Some writers suggest that it was possibly done with a view to deterring other animals from committing similar injuries.

  5. These theories also seem to exaggerate the deterring or reforming influence which punishments exercise upon criminals,[92] whilst, in another respect, they take too narrow a view of its social usefulness.

  6. By all this I certainly do not mean to deny that punishment, though in the main an expression of public indignation, is also applied as a means of deterring from crime.

  7. According to Plato, a reasonable man punishes for the sake of deterring from wickedness, or with a view to correcting the offender.

  8. An act of moral resentment is therefore apt to resemble a punishment inflicted with a view to deterring from crime, provided that the punishment is directed against the cause of crime--the criminal himself--and is not unduly severe.

  9. I do not think Northern sentiment is a deterring force, though I think Northern sentiment could become a deterring force to disfranchisement.

  10. We have already seen the effort of the Ohio legislature, to consign the negroes to starvation, by deterring others from employing them.

  11. So the fight went on, the mist hiding the Germans at longer range and their torpedo attacks deterring us from a closer encounter.

  12. The Star Chamber Court still was primarily directed against force and fraud and defended the common people from over-mighty lords and over-pliable Justices of the Peace, for instance by deterring enclosure.

  13. In 1752, a statute provided that the corpses of murderers were to be sent to the Surgeon's Hall to be anatomized, for the purpose of deterring murders.

  14. This, I take it, is the meaning of their assertion that "death penalties have not the deterring influence which imprisonment for life carries.

  15. Death penalties have not the deterring influence which imprisonment for life carries.

  16. The setting fire to stacks would be no longer a capital offence: the crime, his lordship said, was no doubt a heinous one; but the severity of the punishment had the effect of deterring prosecutions.

  17. The authorities did not follow up with justice or spirit this disgraceful affair; a fear of the Roman Catholic influence in the English parliament deterring them.

  18. And so probably it might have happened in Athens, had not the recent failure of Cylon, with all its miserable consequences, operated as a deterring motive.

  19. Thus our discipline consists mainly, not in gently leading and encouraging them in the right way, but in deterring them, by fault-finding and punishment, from going wrong.

  20. It may be considered as a remedial measure, adopted solely with reference to its influence as a means of deterring the subject of it, or others, from transgression in time to come.

  21. As things are, the asylum and the workhouse, against which there is a deep prejudice, ingrained and irrational, would have a greater deterring influence than the prison.

  22. For though it is possible that the secondary effect of these barbarous scuffles may sometimes have been salutary in deterring impostors from 'taking up' history, I am not aware of any positive examples to justify this opinion.

  23. A penal colony, I am convinced, would have no deterring influence on the minds of those convicts who are most difficult to deal with.

  24. Imprisonment with hard labour will never have the slightest effect in deterring such men from committing crime.

  25. With reference to the second and bolder class, a lingering imprisonment would appear more horrible in their estimation, and exercise an equal if not a greater deterring influence than the scaffold.

  26. With regard to the former class, the deterring influence is detection.

  27. Aware of the Peri's fall and disgrace, El Akbor assumed the deterring form of a monstrous rat and, embracing his opportunity, threw himself among the genii of Lilithiana's realm during a dance in the moonlight.

  28. Like a sea of lightning, the radiant vanguard swept adown the terrace with a mien so dreadful and weapons so deterring that the black divisions fled in horror before the blasting might that shook the deeps to the foundation.

  29. In a few moments he gave himself the deterring shapes of all that is monstrous and deadly in nature, from the enraged tiger to the hissing serpent whose bite is death; all in vain.

  30. What heaven and earth reveal of the wonderful and holy is deterring to me, whom neither the sublime nor the beautiful inspires, filled as I am with doubt as to whether there be mercy ample enough to cover my guilt.

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