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Example sentences for "detracts"

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detracted; detracting; detraction; detractor; detractors; detrain; detrained; detraining; detrainment; detriment
  1. This doctrine however detracts from the magnitude of original sin and is to be shunned as a deadly poison.

  2. That, however, detracts nothing from the marvel of their history and relationship.

  3. While it adds impressiveness to the historical significance of the poem, it detracts largely from the personal interest by the limits which it imposes on the free agency of the divine and human actors playing their part in it.

  4. His very fidelity to the office of a teacher detracts somewhat from his poetic office.

  5. We cannot look at it without admitting it to be the work of no ordinary artist, and we feel the more annoyed at the mannerism that detracts from its merit.

  6. His cold unnatural grayness of colouring greatly detracts from the merit of his pictures.

  7. The game of basket ball is an injury to a school, since it detracts from interest in studies.

  8. In description and narration especially, it detracts from the value of the impressions if the reader becomes aware of the plan of composition.

  9. This does not detract from the merit of Comenius any more than his work detracts from the merit of Rousseau, Pestalozzi, or Horace Mann, all of whom gathered inspiration from him.

  10. But these facts do not detract from the glory of Bacon any more than the discovery of America by the Norsemen five hundred years before the time of Columbus detracts from his glory.

  11. His habit of alluding to sources of information instead of being at the pains to describe them at length, while it adds to the neatness of his periods, detracts from its value to ourselves.

  12. But let it be repeated that this detracts little from the credit of the astronomer who had such clear and correct conceptions of the relations of the heavenly bodies and who invented such correct methods of measurement.

  13. But all this, of course, detracts nothing from the merits of Hipparchus as an observing astronomer.

  14. This coloring not only detracts from the appearance of fabrics which are to be worn uncolored, but it seriously interferes with the action of dyes, and at times plays the dyer strange tricks.

  15. The matter added to facilitate spinning and weaving generally detracts from the appearance of the uncolored fabric, and also interferes with successful dyeing.

  16. It detracts nothing from Roosevelt's greatness of spirit to say that it was Wood who did the organizing, the equipping of the regiment.

  17. It is not a mere inequality and imperfection of style like that which so seriously detracts from the pleasure of reading Byron.

  18. A more free and spirited imitator of Paul was found in Maffeo Verona, a pupil and son-in-law to Luigi; but the quantity of vermilion with which he heightened the colour of his fleshes, detracts from his worth.

  19. The magnificent feat which he eventually achieved was unhappily tarnished by much that detracts from the splendour that ought to have attended it, but a magnificent feat it must remain.

  20. Whose work in this imperfect world is not tarred and tarnished by something that detracts from its ideal character?

  21. That this peculiar action interferes with facility of locomotion and detracts from a horse's claim to soundness can not for a moment be denied.

  22. It has triple belfry windows, and a spired stair turret, but the shallowness of the buttresses detracts from its impressiveness.

  23. Unfortunately an energetically worked quarry has wrecked one side of the ravine, and the clatter of the machinery detracts considerably from the repose of the scene.

  24. It detracts nothing from Harvey's merit to say that there was no occasion for the American retreat, nor for the subsequent paralysis of effort, which ended in expulsion from the Niagara peninsula at the end of the year.

  25. The inequality in armament detracts inevitably from glory in achievement; but the credit of readiness and efficiency is established for Lawrence and his crew by prompt action and decisive results.

  26. That all the last were captured on the way detracts nothing from Porter's merit, but testifies vividly to the British command of the sea.

  27. This is the chief explanation of that conventional character which detracts from the originality of some of the masterpieces of Roman genius.

  28. This large infusion of a prosaic content necessarily detracts from the artistic excellence and the sustained interest of the poem.

  29. The discovery had, of course, been led up to by several different lines of indication, but this in no way detracts from the genius of Jenner in drawing his memorable inductions from the few facts which others had known before his time.

  30. The very simplicity of vaccination detracts from its impressiveness unless its results are viewed through the vista of the centuries.

  31. The ground of such determination, however, is not solely that virtuous conduct promotes the happiness of mankind, and vice detracts from it; this counts for much, but not for all.

  32. This slightly detracts from the work of the body at the beginning of the stroke.

  33. With such as these any artificial straightening of the back, that places it in a position in which the muscles, as they are adapted to the frame, have not the fullest and freest play, detracts from rather than adds to the power of the oarsman.

  34. A "wry-faced" dog is one having the lower jaw twisted, and this deformity so detracts from the general appearance of the dog as seriously to handicap him in the show-ring.

  35. This neglect justly detracts from his authority; and it will not be strange if young men and women view with distrust an opinion that is so manifestly partial and one-sided.

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