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Example sentences for "dints"

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  1. The brooding Lammle, with certain white dints coming and going in his palpitating nose, looked as if some tormenting imp were pinching it.

  2. Several white dints began to come and go about Mr Lammle's nose, as he observed that Mrs Boffin merely looked up from the teapot for a moment with an embarrassed smile, which was no smile, and then looked down again.

  3. Come with me; for my steed is weary; Our journey has been long and dreary, And, dreaming of his stall, he dints With his impatient hoofs the flints.

  4. The germ-cells are little likely to be prejudicially affected by disadvantageous dints impressed on the body of the parent--little likely unless the dints have peculiarly penetrating consequences, as in the case of poisons.

  5. Odd, white dints came and went in Winston's nostrils--the one and unerring facial sign of displeasure he ever exhibited, if we except a certain hardening of eye and contour that chiselled his lineaments into a yet closer resemblance to marble.

  6. The livid dints were deep and restless in Winston's nostrils, as seen by the light of the tiny taper he raised to extinguish, when his prize was secured.

  7. When great masses of stone and timber fell, the face with the two dints in the nose became obscured: anon struggled out of the smoke again, as if it were the face of the cruel Marquis, burning at the stake and contending with the fire.

  8. Sidenote I: Against his dints sore ye may not defend you.

  9. Against his sore dints ye may not defend you' (ll.

  10. The dints in her face looked very comely as she answered, "I shall, friend Biddle.

  11. I have heard such dints called dimples--by whom, I cannot say.

  12. More than once, when these mansions were not far from the road, we were able to perceive the unrepaired dints and fractures on the walls received during the stormy period of the civil troubles.

  13. Your great-grandfather had set his heart upon my wearing the breastplate which still bore the dints of the Scottish spears at Dunbar, but on trying it on we found it was too small for me.

  14. It has, as you can see, one or two dints of blows, and a fresh one will not hurt it.

  15. His experience in the former city might well have daunted a feebler faith, but opposition affected Paul as little as a passing hailstorm dints a rock.

  16. It is Christians' lives, after all, that make dints in the world's conscience.

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