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Example sentences for "discourages"

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discounts; discourage; discouraged; discouragement; discouragements; discouraging; discouragingly; discourse; discoursed; discourses
  1. By no means; I have kept it down; for my method, looking to the spirit, not the letter of the law, discourages it greatly.

  2. The heat of the climate discourages exercise on foot," said Lady Mabel.

  3. This is certainly a fact that discourages fatalistic optimism.

  4. If it discourages the extravagant hopes of a gifted parent that his children on the average will inherit all his powers, it not less discountenances extravagant fears that they will inherit all his weakness and disease.

  5. The short term also discourages the ministers from attempting to discover and meet the needs of their communities and from formulating and carrying out any adequate plans of community service.

  6. Not only does it weaken the churches, but it necessarily discourages the development of the community and of community life.

  7. This practically discourages clam farming, however profitable, as no clammer is going to the labor and expense of planting clams, if the next person who comes along has a legal right to dig as many as he pleases.

  8. A spirit of uncertainty, which discourages confidence and checks initiative, seems to pervade the business atmosphere.

  9. The news of the death of Gianluigi discourages the insurgents.

  10. Its stout, hollow, leafy stem, beset with stiff hairs, discourages the tongues of grazing animals.

  11. By roughening its angled stem and leaves, it discourages pilfering ants and other crawlers from reaching the sweets reserved for legitimate benefactors.

  12. But I don't get strong, and that discourages me.

  13. All you say discourages me," said Helen, in a tone of deep dejection.

  14. I cannot help anticipating for this book the same neglect, and this discourages me somewhat.

  15. The imperfection of that which we try to do well sometimes reacts severely upon us and discourages us from further effort.

  16. He says that the President discourages those who attempt to overthrow or even to "ignore" this principle of popular government.

  17. This is the fourth I have tried, and I own it discourages me.

  18. It prevents the promotion of employees in the Secret Service, and this further discourages good effort.

  19. That was in my green days, and I soon learned that the failure of an experiment never discourages him unless it is by reason of the carelessness of the man making it.

  20. Not only is fire the greatest destroyer of existing forests, but it also discourages investment in reforestation.

  21. It discourages the spirit of self-reliance.

  22. Virtues and vices are opposite, so that the encouraging of a vice or fault discourages the opposing virtue.

  23. A target impossible to make a full score on discourages the shooter.

  24. It only discourages you and wastes time and ammunition.

  25. What discourages me most is that I can't get work that will bring in money.

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