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Example sentences for "discouragement"

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discounter; discounting; discounts; discourage; discouraged; discouragements; discourages; discouraging; discouragingly; discourse
  1. Have we not met with the same mistaken discouragement and the same deceptive excuses for it in the work of the Church, in missionary enterprises, in personal lives?

  2. The sense of discouragement now passed over to the enemy.

  3. Here was the answer to the discouragement of the people in their dawning perception of the lofty requirements of God's holy will.

  4. Obermann, whose goodness and almost ascetic virtues are palsied for want of equilibrium, and whose discouragement and ennui were only calculated to exercise a baneful influence over the individual, and over humanity?

  5. She has bravely triumphed over all obloquy and discouragement attendant on such a novel experiment, and made for herself an independent living.

  6. This is no cause for discouragement to those who have the subject at heart.

  7. That raising wages and lowering profits is a discouragement to accumulation, and acts in the same way as a natural poverty of soil.

  8. Though a part of this revenue should be taken from him, in order to defray the expenses of the state, no discouragement will thereby be given to any sort of industry.

  9. A few minutes later, he again led the experimenter toward the banana, but receiving discouragement in this activity, he proceeded to devote himself to other methods.

  10. As previously, Julius made varied attempts to obtain the banana, but on the whole his interest and attention seemed somewhat weaker than previously and there were indications of discouragement because of repeated failures.

  11. I had looked for sporadic attempts to obtain the banana, with speedy discouragement and such fluctuations of attention as would be exhibited by a child of two to four years.

  12. All this time Mrs. Molyneux left me quite to myself, and my search in the desk and my discouragement were altogether unknown to her.

  13. But her newfound strength was now utterly exhausted by the fatigue of travel, and the new disappointment which she had experienced created discouragement and despondency.

  14. The young man overheard this remark, turned suddenly pale, and, letting his hands fall in great discouragement by his side, drew aside, mingling in one sigh his old affection and his new hatreds.

  15. On perceiving him, the English prince arose; but at the first glance he saw discouragement written in dark letters upon his cousin's brow.

  16. I see youth full of discouragement and fear, I see it timid and despoiled, when it ought to be rich and powerful.

  17. The Comte de la Fere looked at him sorrowfully, and on seeing that melancholy countenance, felt discouragement penetrate to his very heart.

  18. In February, 1492, a poor gray-haired man, his head bowed with discouragement almost to the back of his mule, rode slowly out through the beautiful gateway of the Alhambra.

  19. When he draws his sword he must throw the scabbard away, lest in a moment of discouragement and irresolution he be tempted to sheathe it.

  20. From the poverty in which he was born, through the rowdyism of a frontier town, the discouragement of early bankruptcy, and the fluctuations of popular politics, he rose to the championship of union and freedom.

  21. The world has been very kind to many who were once known as dunces or blockheads, after they have become very successful; but it was very cross to them while they were struggling through discouragement and misinterpretation.

  22. Most parents do not half realize how impressionable children are, and how easily they may be injured or ruined by discouragement or ridicule.

  23. Would it not be reasonable to conclude that the Achinese, with so much discouragement to vice both from law and prejudice, must prove a moral and virtuous people?

  24. His weariness and discouragement sought refuge in the emotional satisfaction of the hour.

  25. The discouragement which had obscured Odo's outlook since his visit to Pontesordo was cleared away by the discovery that in a sympathetic study of the past might lie the secret of dealing with present evils.

  26. By instinct he strove to conceal his discouragement from his enemies under a nonchalant air.

  27. In his moments of blackest discouragement the suggestion flitted oddly through his brain that maybe he was guilty of all these preposterous crimes.

  28. So that wee are like to be deprived of him, and thereby much distraccõn, if not confusion sorely threatned to us and this countrey, thereby to the encouragement of the enimy and discouragement of or friends.

  29. The moments of weakness and discouragement which he passed through will not come any more, and Tribschen will remain the paradise that you know.

  30. Discouragement and bitter despair again overcame him, and he believed that from that hour he should no longer have the force to retrieve himself.

  31. We kept our gaiety for our comrades during the day; but in the evening we could, without being cowardly, give ourselves up to the discouragement that overwhelmed us.

  32. Was not their state already bad enough to make it necessary for this old man, with his irony and lies, to come and sow discouragement in the hearts of the fighters of yesterday?

  33. Therefore they tried to implant doubt, terror, confusion and discouragement in the minds of these simple and credulous Germans.

  34. Great and valiant Sailor, you should indeed be remembered with reverence, for you knew how to triumph over doubt and discouragement and your faith was sublime!

  35. That he should have persisted in spite of discouragement after discouragement, struggling to overcome obstacles which to the faint-hearted would have seemed insuperable, constitutes one of his greatest claims to undying fame.

  36. This loyal citizen revealed discouragement in his dejected appearance.

  37. If they suspect your despair, discouragement will spread abroad, and this very night we will become the slaves of Hannibal!

  38. At last Ted began to fear that there was no hope of stealing out of the loft that night, and in the midst of his discouragement sleep overtook him.

  39. Ted noticed with discouragement that even Buck Hardy seemed to wish to hear no more.

  40. If you will study the needless moods of anxiety, worry, despondency, discouragement and others that are the result of uncontrolled thoughts, you will realize how important the control of your thoughts are.

  41. Neither are they ever grateful for discouragement nor yet for encouragement.

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