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Example sentences for "disgustingly"

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disgust; disgusted; disgustedly; disgustful; disgusting; disgusts; dish; dishabille; disharmonic; disharmonies
  1. Some are translations from the French; but one man, now living in England, has written and published more disgustingly minute works, under the guise of honest fiction, than ever emanated from the Parisian presses.

  2. They can scarcely be called prostitutes, for their aspect is so disgustingly hideous that all feminine characteristics are blotted out, and thoroughly sensual and animalized must he be who could accept their favors.

  3. All the arts of fashion were called into requisition to give the braguettes the most novel and remarkable appearance, and every possible means was used to render them at once disgustingly indecent and extravagantly rich.

  4. Jack, if you want to make those disgustingly worn-out jokes, you'd better go away.

  5. It has been a disgustingly wet night," she said.

  6. He was getting to be disgustingly officious.

  7. If half those charges are true he should be in the sick-house; whereas he is disgustingly well.

  8. I fancied they might have been engaged in some of the prurient discourse with which they have been so disgustingly free of late.

  9. And the women-physicians are also endeavouring in this matter, and endeavouring disgustingly enough.

  10. How can you be so disgustingly dull, you miserable pork butcher, as to deny yourself such gratification?

  11. And in this lofty chair crouched the most hideous figure in all that vile gathering--a dwarfish, weirdly dressed man, his face disgustingly marred by disease, his eyes glaring with the light of madness.

  12. The stage, pleasant enough in pleasant weather, was disgustingly cramped and close inside.

  13. I shone the searchlight all 'round the room, and then stepped inside, with a disgustingly horrible feeling of walking slap into a waiting Danger.

  14. I shall never be able to let you know how disgustingly horrible it was sitting in that vile, cold wind!

  15. I cannot say whether any of you have ever had the feeling, but if you have, you will know just how disgustingly unnerving it is.

  16. He began to feel himself that he was certainly forgetting things and was disgustingly agitated.

  17. If I spoke so rudely of him last night, it was because I was disgustingly drunk and.

  18. Not a person was to be seen on the street and it was disgustingly quiet and dull everywhere.

  19. Hearne says that the natives on the Arctic coast of British America are so disgustingly filthy that when they have bleeding at the nose they lick up their own blood.

  20. In all their personal habits the Chinooks are disgustingly filthy, although said to be fond of baths for health and pleasure.

  21. A new suit of this native skin clothing is not without beauty, but by most tribes the suit is worn without change till nearly ready to drop off, and becomes disgustingly filthy.

  22. And then, incredibly, it rose from the ferrous sands and dashed off toward the east, a faint, disgustingly moist vapor trailing out behind it.

  23. Illustration] Tensor smiled at the poor, dumb creature and was rewarded by a disgustingly loud noise from its mouth and a mad rush back to the panel.

  24. I'm afraid it would only be a waste of time, for probably the whole thing is so disgustingly simple that everyone has overlooked it.

  25. I wish you wouldn't wax so disgustingly moral, Jimsy.

  26. We had lost all appetite for them, and they seemed disgustingly damp, with their green coats reeking with black bruises.

  27. They look disgustingly like something that has been chewed and spumed forth again.

  28. Men from the slums who swore and cursed disgustingly but would give the shirts from their backs if you happened to need them more than they.

  29. They profess intense love which he returns, and then comes the moment (he, like me, is disgustingly rich).

  30. He knew that whenever they met he would feel her attraction; but he now classed it with those attractions of the past which were disgustingly explicable, and which just recently he had learnt to understand in a way that was almost old.

  31. You are disgustingly clever," she said, as they made their way out, followed by the Georgians and their attendant cosmopolitans.

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