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Example sentences for "disrespectfully"

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disremembers; disreputable; disrepute; disrespect; disrespectful; disrobe; disrobed; disrobing; disrupt; disrupted
  1. Some malecontents were punished for speaking disrespectfully of him, and refusing to pay the castle duties.

  2. Of course after the 'breaking out' of Port Phillip—as the earliest colonisation of Victoria was disrespectfully termed—in 1837, persons of darksome record hasted to the new settlement to hide from the law or prey on the public.

  3. For which service he was so little grateful that he spoke disrespectfully of all the authorities, from the Governor downward, and indeed, as it seemed to her, of respectable people of every rank and condition.

  4. Johnson did not always speak so disrespectfully of Birmingham.

  5. And you can depend upon it that, when that awful cat heard Squeaknibble speak so disrespectfully of Santa Claus, her wicked eyes glowed with joy, her sharp teeth watered, and her bristling fur emitted electric sparks as big as marrowfat peas.

  6. Now listen: who do you suppose overheard her talking so disrespectfully of Santa Claus?

  7. My mother was then disrespectfully helped in and we were sent adrift.

  8. In some way the oar flew out of her hand, and she was most disrespectfully whirled around and around, so that she is yet dizzy-headed.

  9. Prudence added, with mock solemnity: "Any one who could talk slightingly of a genuine college professor would speak disrespectfully of the equator or be sassy to the dictionary.

  10. In the previous year he had disrespectfully spoken of croquet as the "feeblest game," and yet admitted that, given a pretty partner, it beat golf and polo.

  11. In 1906 the Pageant craze assumed formidable dimensions, and the ubiquitous activities of Mr. Louis Napoleon Parker as Pageant-master are duly if disrespectfully acknowledged.

  12. In the case of some people of good social position it took the unusual form of speaking disrespectfully of his Majesty.

  13. On the third day one orator ventured to speak disrespectfully of the Autocratic Power, but he thereby provoked signs of dissatisfaction in the audiences.

  14. Among the young generation it was used most disrespectfully as equivalent to "pompous blockhead.

  15. He always has spoken disrespectfully or disparagingly of the Court and of 'Albertine,' and he has said uncivil things in sundry pamphlets.

  16. The old Irish wife says to the bride who speaks disrespectfully of the fairies: "Hush, Avourneen!

  17. If he were, he would hardly speak so disrespectfully of these batrachians.

  18. When more than usually fretful, and inclined to tyrannize over Hattie, or speak disrespectfully to his mother, a warning glance or word from Edna, or the soft touch of her hand, would suffice to restrain the threatened outbreak.

  19. You grieved your mother this morning and spoke very disrespectfully to her.

  20. I do not speak disrespectfully of Mrs. Thackeray.

  21. Upon the hint of having spoken disrespectfully or carelessly of the family and the family honours, he was quite indignant.

  22. Yet, Fanny, do not imagine I would now speak disrespectfully of Sir Thomas, though I certainly did hate him for many a week.

  23. I would not speak disrespectfully of a brother of yours, Isabella, I am sure; but you know very well that if I could think of one man more than another--he is not the person.

  24. What I'm doing is punishing you for speaking disrespectfully of our dear old Alma Mater.

  25. You spoke disrespectfully of the school, Dreer.

  26. The fact is, sir, this fellow has a lamentable habit of speaking disrespectfully of his school.

  27. Towards Nature he took a tone of haughty superiority, and expressed himself disrespectfully on the subject of Fate.

  28. The lady of whom thou speakest so disrespectfully is none other than the Princess of Paphlagonia.

  29. I cannot allow you," he said, "to talk disrespectfully of my calling.

  30. It is a considerable sum," said Gavin, a little hurt, for it was the first time he had ever heard any one speak disrespectfully of eighty pounds.

  31. And Mark disrespectfully turned his back on the young ladies, who could only sit and watch the lads work.

  32. He was my sexton, and I could trust him to inter my darlings decently, and not toss them disrespectfully into a dirt-cart or over a bridge.

  33. Everybody liked her--even those whom she most disrespectfully provoked; and she was like a kind of tame monkey to the school, turning her very punishments into absurdity.

  34. Now go, my friend, and do not forget that precious tract which you have thrust so disrespectfully into your pocket.

  35. Why, sir, he has got a dirty trick of speakin' disrespectfully of you behind your back.

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