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Example sentences for "dreariness"

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drear; drearie; drearier; dreariest; drearily; dreary; dredde; drede; dreden; dredeth
  1. But words are poor vehicles to convey to the reader the emotions of our minds as we felt the loneliness of our condition, and the dreariness of our prospects on that dreadful night.

  2. It thus began in earnest to put on the sterner and more terrible attributes of dreariness and desolation.

  3. Domini still felt alert, but an overpowering sensation of dreariness had come to her.

  4. Under the pressure of dreariness and the grave responsibility for many a sea trip, it must expand the captain's soul to look over it, Frederick thought.

  5. The morning was of an icy dreariness unsurpassed.

  6. Rowland looked away at the stagnant vapors on the mountains; their dreariness seemed a symbol of the dreariness which his own generosity had bequeathed him.

  7. But Elizabeth Van Vorst as she stood with eyes intently fixed upon the small space of water still visible, did not seem to notice either the cold or the dreariness of the scene.

  8. Apparently they were alone in all that intense dreariness of snow.

  9. The light of a new day gave her a first real glimpse of the surrounding dreariness as she stood looking out through the grimy glass of her single window, depressed and heartsick.

  10. Fighting society was quite as hard as her grandmother had said it would be; but there was a tension in it which made the dreariness vibrate--the dreariness of such a winter as she had just passed.

  11. You feel the dreariness most; the poor food you eat in the middle of a crowd; the fight for the tram-cars when it rains, and the long walk through muddy streets when you can't get on board.

  12. The dreariness he had known at Liverpool was gone; walking in the splendid sunshine by Olivia's horse, he felt another man.

  13. Great masses of black clouds still hung heavily in the western sky, occasionally pierced by a brilliant flash of sunshine, that emphasized by contrast the dreariness succeeding it.

  14. The region about him, esteemed the epitome of dreariness in winter, held now in its depths a vast luxury of vegetation.

  15. Then the door closed, like the gates that close on paradise, and there was nothing left to relieve the dismal dreariness of our dingy world.

  16. The dreariness of the verses grew so intense as to be almost intolerable.

  17. One ought to bring hither a cup of the waters of Lethe, that the remembrance of pleasanter scenes may not heighten, at least, the natural dreariness of these.

  18. The girl took him up, hardly with an echo of his own resentment, rather with a sort of crushed directness, as one who acknowledged a bare fact, making no comment, merely admitting the obscure dreariness of things.

  19. And-- and I must go back again to all the horrible dreariness and formality of the life to which, I suppose, I was born.

  20. We picture him to ourselves seated among his care-worn followers, brooding in silence over his blasted fortunes, and acquiring a savage sublimity from the wildness and dreariness of his lurking-place.

  21. Her face is so bright and cheerful that it conquers the dreariness of the hour, and brings a better sunshine than the gray October dawn.

  22. About a month later in the year, when December reigned in all its dreariness over Shayton, and the wild moors were sprinkled with a thin scattering of snow, little Jacob began to be very miserable.

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