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Example sentences for "earthiness"

Lexicographically close words:
earthe; earthed; earthen; earthenware; earthern; earthing; earthlie; earthliness; earthly; earthquake
  1. Thus it is in those things that are most obvious to our senses, but how much more in spiritual and invisible things is our darkness increased, because of the dulness and earthiness of our spirits that are clogged with a lump of flesh!

  2. What makes it melt, Dissolving from the earthiness that made it hard and heavy?

  3. To him, in the vehement and impassioned heat of his conceptions, the material and the spiritual are fused and blent: if the spiritual attains the definite visibility of a crystal, what is material loses its earthiness and impurity.

  4. There are those, of course, to whom this earthiness and wildness are repulsive, to whom old Martin Doul's love pleading to Molly Byrne is unendurable.

  5. Nor is there in them the racy earthiness of Mr. Burroughs.

  6. Yesterday it was truthfulness--to-day an indescribable charm of manner that has banished the element of earthiness from her beauty.

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