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Example sentences for "earthen"

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  1. Behold the sovereign Lord of hosts shall break the earthen vessel with terror, and the tall of stature shall be cut down, and the lofty shall be humbled.

  2. Woe to him that gainsayeth his maker, a sherd of the earthen pots: shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it: What art thou making, and thy work is without hands?

  3. Let stand over night; skim off the fat; put in an earthen jar, and it is ready for use.

  4. Remove from ripe grapes all imperfect and broken berries; line an earthen jar with grape leaves and fill with grapes.

  5. The water was dashed in earthen cups on to the top, and thus the upper walls were washed.

  6. The Brahman described to him how twelve earthen pots full of kshir, called amrita-keli (the cream of nectar) famous and unmatched in the world, were offered to the god every evening.

  7. She had this treasure in an earthen vessel--in one that was flawed and well-nigh broken; but she had it, and gave of it to others.

  8. As one overpowered, he threw himself face downwards on the earthen floor, and lay there absorbed in thought.

  9. Through the doorway of the hut he saw the women laying the cooking fires and filling their earthen caldrons with water; but above it all his ears were bent across the jungle in eager listening for the coming of Tantor.

  10. Reckon I do, honey," said the Boy, his feet still flying and flapping on the hard earthen floor.

  11. A fire burnt brightly in the middle of the earthen floor, and over it was bending Princess Muckluck, cooking the evening meal.

  12. At the sides were placed two wide platforms, after the Huron fashion, four feet from the earthen floor.

  13. For instance, our breakfast was for a long time bread and milk (no tea), and I ate it out of a twopenny earthen porringer, with a pewter spoon.

  14. Meat they commonly cooked by thrusting a stick through it and holding it over the fire; but they sometimes boiled it in rude earthen pots.

  15. One of these contained rude mats and an earthen dish.

  16. The bones of those who died before the seeds have sprouted in the fields are burnt, and the few charred bones which have not been reduced to ashes are gathered in an earthen pot.

  17. Then the procession sets out for the river, men and women dancing, singing, beating drums, and weeping, while the earthen pots containing the bones are passed from hand to hand and dance with the jigging steps of the dancers.

  18. This letter they enclosed in an earthen pot, which they sealed and sent floating down the river to the sea.

  19. The earthen cliffs are about 30 feet high, and we had to go a very roundabout way to get up them by very narrow gullies.

  20. She drew her bedding from under her foot so that the water streamed through the bed to the floor, which was earthen and below the level of the door.

  21. One assault more, and this earthen vessel will be broken, and I shall be with God.

  22. We have this treasure in earthen vessels," &c.

  23. Now, one day when Fred was away, there came some pedlars to the village, with earthen pots and basins to sell, and they asked the young wife if she had nothing to give in exchange for them.

  24. I must see what I can do to make a trade of pots and earthen vessels; you can sit in the market and offer them for sale.

  25. A number of the beans, corresponding to the number of the captives, was placed within an earthen olla--there being a black bean for every nine white ones.

  26. By making a gift, under the constellation Magha, of earthen dishes filled with sesame, one becomes possessed of children and animals in this world and attains to felicity in the next.

  27. So when I had lost my two Herzbruders in the manner before described, I took a disgust at the whole camp before Magdeburg, which otherwise I had been wont to call a town of flax and straw with earthen walls.

  28. We read of one which did firmly believe he was changed into an earthen pot, and would beseech his friends to put him high on a shelf lest he should be trodden on and broken.

  29. A violinist sits on a barrel, and a guest is sitting on the table mimicking him with tongs; on the floor in front of him is an earthen pitcher with a pewter lid.

  30. Tis an earthen jar whose lid Allah sealed, the while it hid That treasure of His treasury, A mind which loved Him: let it lie!

  31. He created man of dried clay like an earthen vessel: but he created the genii of fire clear from smoke.

  32. In passing he picks up his helmet that gapes on the earthen bench.

  33. In the ceiling of the earthen corridor that contains us, we can make out a few streaks and holes of pallor--the chinks and rents in the overhead planks.

  34. A terrible volley bursts point-blank in our faces, flinging in front of us a sudden row of flames the whole length of the earthen verge.

  35. Several shells, falling on the same spot, have broken through the heavy earthen roof of the Refuge.

  36. Then put them into an Earthen Glazed Jarr, or wide-mouth'd Glass, with as much White-Wine Vinegar as will cover them.

  37. Gather the Buds before they open to flower; lay them in the Shade three or four Hours, and putting them into an Earthen Glazed Vessel, pour good Vinegar on them, and cover it with a Board.

  38. A young woman was stooping before the open door, and she was pouring something from a white earthen bowl into a battered tin pan.

  39. The hand of the herder had almost clasped his rifle when the weight of Happy bore him shrieking to the earthen floor.

  40. Inside the shop the assortment ranged from bundles of reaping-hooks on the earthen floor to bottles of champagne in the murk of the top shelf.

  41. The cobwebbed boards of the loft overhead almost rested on our hats; the public, not being provided with seats by the Government, shuffled on the earthen floor and unaffectedly rested on us and each other.

  42. A moderately sized earthen pitcher, nearly full of milk, stood at a corner of the board; and when hands had filled two bowls, and set them before the strangers, only a little milk remained in the bottom of the pitcher.

  43. And when Philemon drew Quicksilver aside, and inquired how under the sun a fountain of milk could have got into air old earthen pitcher, this latter personage pointed to his staff.

  44. So, you see, it was no better than any other cracked earthen pitcher.

  45. It may come to you through as commonplace an incident as tipping the water of a spring out of an earthen pot into a stone trough.

  46. And the priest shall command that one of the birds be killed in an earthen vessel over running water: 6.

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