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Example sentences for "earthing"

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  1. It has been claimed that there is a great advantage in earthing the receiving aerial directly in that it eliminates atmospheric disturbances.

  2. The leaves are eaten as salad; but, when so used, they should be blanched, either by earthing up or by tying the plant together.

  3. Keep the soil about the plants loose and open; and, in the process of cultivation, earth up the stems slightly in the manner of earthing pease.

  4. They should grow their plants in the temporary or nursery beds until they are ten inches or a foot high, before planting in the trenches; giving plenty of water, and afterwards earthing up once a fortnight.

  5. The after-culture consists in hoeing frequently to keep the ground loose and clean, and in earthing up slightly from time to time about the stem.

  6. Before earthing up, fork the surface a little, just to break it up, that the earth may better take hold, and form a regular mass.

  7. If allowed to grow without earthing up, the vines will yield half a ton of hay to the acre.

  8. The blanching will take fully six weeks, during which time there will be but little growth made--hence the necessity for promoting free growth before earthing up.

  9. The leaves are used in the same way as Spinach, and by earthing up the shoots they may be blanched as a substitute for Asparagus.

  10. It takes five weeks or more to blanch Celery well, and as the earthing up checks growth, the operation should not be commenced a day too soon.

  11. Full growth is attained in August, when blanching is commenced by gathering the leaves together, wrapping them round with bands of hay, and earthing up.

  12. But on the question of blanching it may be well to add that in order to insure perfect specimens, free from blemish, artificial means of some kind must be adopted in place of earthing up in the ordinary way.

  13. Commence by carefully earthing up the rows as soon as the plants are about three inches high.

  14. Little earthing up is needed, but when the foliage is about nine inches high the addition of a small quantity of warm soil along the rows will be beneficial.

  15. Part of the crop should be lifted and stored in sand; the plants left in the ground to be protected by earthing over.

  16. Earthing up== is often performed in a rough way, as though the plant were made of wood instead of the most delicate tissue.

  17. The portion of the crop left in the ground will need protection from frost, and this can be accomplished by earthing them over with soil taken from between the rows.

  18. In such cases it is an excellent plan to dust the sets freely with sulphur at the time of planting and to repeat the application before earthing up.

  19. A fortnight or so later the earthing must be carried a stage further by means of the spade.

  20. A little soil is then drawn to the foot, but earthing up is needless.

  21. Earthing up the Onions was proved by Miss Ormerod's experiment to be effective.

  22. The first earthing should be done with a hand-fork, and quite loosely, to allow the heart of the plant room to expand.

  23. The manure is firmly packed in upon the spawn, the surface left smooth and even and without being further disturbed until earthing time.

  24. In seven to nine days after spawning, the beds are ready for earthing over.

  25. Celery will now be in full growth, and will require close attention to earthing up, and during the last part of the month the first lot may be stored away in trenches for winter.

  26. Plant out kales and broccoli for late crops; plant celery (earthing up the advancing crops as required), endive for succession, and a few coleworts.

  27. Propagate by slips, or by earthing up the old stems, the various pot-herbs.

  28. Continue hoeing and earthing up the several crops.

  29. The earthing up of celery this month is not to be recommended, unless a little very early supply is wanted.

  30. The earth should be drawn up to celery with a hoe preparatory to earthing up with a spade.

  31. The earthing over and firming of a bed has a tendency to subdue the heat in it.

  32. Another invention for earthing the beds over as soon as the spawn has taken will soon be in operation if not already so.

  33. The final earthing should be of soil sufficiently moist or moistened to permit of its being pressed into a firm surface.

  34. The culture is the same as given for celery, except that no earthing or blanching is required.

  35. The propagation of the gooseberry is similar to that of the currant, although the practice of earthing up a whole plant, causing every branch thus covered to throw out roots, is practiced with the European varieties.

  36. The after-cultivation consists in thorough tillage until the time of "handling" or earthing up the plants.

  37. If the trees are set in the fall a slight earthing up to the trunk may be beneficial in certain soils, and if set in a dry spring a mulch of straw or grass will benefit them.

  38. It is usually found best to plant in the fall, earthing up slightly around the plants.

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