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Example sentences for "earthed"

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  1. And that mention of the Medic brought them back to the problem which had earthed them.

  2. The Queen had earthed with her distress lights on and no one had remembered to snap them off.

  3. During September and October the plants will grow rapidly, and in order to blanch them they must be earthed up from time to time, always keeping the stalks close and compact, with no soil falling in on the developing part.

  4. The foliage rises a little above the surface, which is earthed up about four inches, so that water will be shed on either side.

  5. The plants are kept well earthed about the roots to retain the moisture, and coco-nut husks are placed above them, which in time form an excellent compost.

  6. All that is required is the soil to be turned over and the seed sown in drills like potatoes; after it begins to shoot it may be earthed with a hoe or plough.

  7. Celery== must be earthed up, and protecting material got ready to assure its safety during frost.

  8. Beans, Broad==, to be earthed up for protection and support.

  9. They should not be earthed up, for the young bulbs form round the stems in full daylight.

  10. Celery== to be earthed up for the last time.

  11. Celery== to be carefully earthed up as required.

  12. As the growth advances the crop must be earthed up, care being exercised not to earth up too much, for, taking six inches as the best average depth, the crop will be diminished by an increase beyond this depth.

  13. They should not be earthed up, but, on the contrary, when approaching maturity the soil should be drawn away so as to expose the bulbs, for this facilitates the ripening process.

  14. They earthed themselves up in some zone of the vertical gorges, and one sees them, in this more accursed corner than those where the hurricane reels.

  15. If two such sets are earthed near together the same thing happens, the signals of one are picked up by the other, a very annoying state of affairs for the operators.

  16. As will be remembered, the earth-connected apparatus sends forth waves which cling more or less to the neighbourhood of the earth's surface, while those from the non-earthed apparatus as used by aircraft tend to fly in all directions.

  17. Celery should be well earthed up, and all vacant ground manured, dug, or trenched.

  18. Celery should be earthed up, and you should tie up the leaves of endive to blanch the plants white.

  19. When the plants are well advanced, they should be gradually earthed up about the stems in the process of cultivation, in the manner of blanching Celery or Cardoons; like which, they are also gathered for use, and preserved during winter.

  20. The plants should be eight or ten inches apart; and, when the stems have attained a sufficient size, they should be earthed up for blanching, in the manner of Celery.

  21. When the bulbs are two-thirds grown, they are earthed over for the purpose of blanching, and to render the flesh crisp and tender.

  22. The plants are also sometimes set on the surface, and afterwards earthed up to the height of six or eight inches in the process of cultivation.

  23. When the plants have attained a height of five or six inches, they are earthed up slightly for support; and, when more advanced, they are sometimes staked along the rows, and cords extended from stake to stake to keep the plants erect.

  24. The leaves will thus blanch without being earthed up, and speedily become white.

  25. As soon as the flowers appear, the vines are earthed up from time to time, so as to keep them chiefly within the ground.

  26. The plants are cleared when the leaves decay, and the ground is kept level instead of being earthed up.

  27. They may be earthed up as they advance, or not, until they have attained the height of a foot.

  28. They are covered with poles and earthed over, leaving several openings at the top through which descent is made by ladders.

  29. This frame is carried upward to a distance of two or three feet above the ground,[32] when it is covered by a dome-shaped roof of poles or whale-ribs turfed and earthed over.

  30. These stone-pine avenues that border the red-earthed highways are among the most delightful of the many local beauties of the Cape, and such stone-pines!

  31. Before being earthed over the outside surface of the beds should be covered with white filaments radiating in all directions which give to the beds a bluish appearance.

  32. The two feet wide space is for the mushroom bed, the six feet wide one for the space between the beds; but after the ridges are built, earthed over and covered with straw, they are almost six feet wide at the base.

  33. Having been well sweetened by previous preparation, it is now cool and free from steam, and almost odorless; after a few days it will warm up a little, and may then be spawned and earthed over at once.

  34. Professor Braun's syntonic system, the receiver and transmitter of which have been described, is also in one form a non-earthed system.

  35. In this case, two lateral wires of different lengths are connected to the receiving aerial, and to the outer end of each of these is connected a coherer tube, the other end of which is earthed through a condenser.

  36. It will be noticed that the receiving aerial may be arranged in one of two ways--it may be either earthed at the lower end or it may be insulated.

  37. This amounts to saying that the amplitude of the potential vibrations is greatest at the top end of the aerial, and the amplitude of the current vibrations is greatest at the bottom or earthed end.

  38. The receiving arrangement consists of a similar sky wire or aerial earthed through a condenser of large capacity and having in the portion above this last condenser another condenser of similar capacity.

  39. Amongst the non-earthed arrangements the system invented by Professor F.

  40. One terminal of the condenser is earthed through another condenser of large capacity, and the remaining terminal of the first condenser is connected to an aerial.

  41. We may think of them as two identical lightning conductors, well earthed at the bottom, and supported by non-conducting masts or towers.

  42. It is rather more delicate and requires more attention in culture than the indigenous variety, and should be earthed up, so as to prevent water lodging around the stem.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "earthed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.