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Example sentences for "encasing"

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  1. The clean-room procedure, which they were following, involved encasing a satellite payload in a sterile plastic wrap to protect it from contamination when it was being transferred to the gantry area.

  2. Such metamorphosed areas are generally accompanied by numerous dikes and injected masses of andesite and various porphyries: I have in several places traced the metalliferous veins from the intrusive masses into the encasing strata.

  3. The Needle was raised some feet above the ground, the smaller end swung round to be parallel with the sea, and when in this position the work of encasing it was done.

  4. A construction was therefore carefully designed in England for encasing the Needle, so that it would be a sea craft of itself, and this was sent out to Egypt in pieces.

  5. The boots were neat, well rounded and well cut, encasing a jaunty leg.

  6. She startled Moll, who was encasing her mistress's pretty feet in a pair of dainty shoes, with another wild, hilarious laugh.

  7. The absolute independence of new and old structures, which correspond in structure and function, is still more obvious when several individuals are formed within a previous encasing form, as in the cases of alternate generation.

  8. Like the bath tub these wash stands were encased in wood, the encasing being used to support the marble top.

  9. As the illustration shows, the woodwork encasing the tub was in a great many cases beautifully carved and finished.

  10. They were constructed of organic material, with a wire mesh of the transition mechanism encasing them, and an automatic operating device like the firing fuse of a bomb.

  11. We were soon to learn also that they were bringing into our world weapons, food, clothing and a variety of equipment by encasing the articles in containers operated by these same mechanisms of wires carrying the transition current.

  12. But all through the night the artillerymen sent their shells, encasing themselves in gas-masks.

  13. All through the night the artillerymen sent their shells, encasing themselves in gas masks.

  14. Another is by bending a piece of stiff whalebone, encasing it in a ball of blubber, and freezing the ball, which then holds firm the bent whalebone.

  15. Where the superficial fascia, after encasing the cord, descends into the scrotum, it is also devoid of the fatty tissu.

  16. A layer of fascia, encasing the lesser pectoral muscle.

  17. The fibres of this spermatic fascia are seen at D F, crossing the cord obliquely, and encasing it.

  18. A little of the light cloud of dust stirred up by the truck wheels had settled over him and clung to the encasing shell.

  19. Meanwhile, one tearing sweep of blunt claws or sharp fangs--and a fatal rent would appear in Thorn's encasing shell!

  20. The effect was that of a body encased in clear ice--and like clear ice, the encasing shell sparkled and glittered radiantly in the sunlight that poured in at the windows.

  21. A Dinosaur skeleton, prospected and ready for encasing in plaster bandages and removal in blocks.

  22. If the encasing of an animal (such as a mouse) with propolis is not sufficient to prevent its putrefaction, the bees gnaw away all the putrescible parts of the carcass and carry them out of the hive, leaving only the skeleton behind.

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