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Example sentences for "encased"

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  1. She thrust out a shapeless, swollen foot, encased in a monstrous, untended shoe, the dry, raw leather of which showed white on the edges of bulging cracks.

  2. She held up one foot and then the other, encased in stout walking shoes which she had begun that morning to break in about the house.

  3. Early in the night, soon after the rain began, the lower air had turned cold, and every wet branch and twig had found itself on a sudden encased with ice.

  4. When, at length, the winter of the north had fairly settled down upon the Squatooks, the exile's ribs were well encased in fat.

  5. On its back, folded close and obviously useless, were rigidly encased attempts at wings.

  6. Although they may be deserted by their lords, they do not yet become angry on that account, for women that are chaste lead their lives, encased in the armour of virtuous behaviour.

  7. But let us now, encased in mail and armed with our weapons, mount our cars and go in a body to slay the Pandavas now living in the forest!

  8. And its surface was laid over with wax, and it was encased in a rich cover.

  9. And armed with his bow and quiver and scimitar, and his fingers encased in gloves of Guana skin, Rama went in pursuit of that deer, after the manner of Rudra following the stellar deer[90] in days of yore.

  10. By the way, where is the little scholar Jehan, who is so encased in iron?

  11. Soon the unfortunate girl, through a mist which spread before her eyes, beheld the boot approach; she soon beheld her foot encased between iron plates disappear in the frightful apparatus.

  12. The beck was not yet frozen over, but it seemed to sing less clearly as it ran between its banks, where the grass blades were encased in crystal, and the bracken stalks, pricking through the snow, glittered with jewels.

  13. The next morning Peter Fleming was walking up and down the cobbled path of the mill-garden between flowering currant bushes, and sheaves of lent-lilies, whose buds were still encased in their pale-green sheaths.

  14. The wires were at first encased in tubes underground.

  15. In 1846 a similar arrangement was encased in lead pipe.

  16. What was her astonishment to see on this table a little picture encased in a frame of filigree, set with precious stones.

  17. She often appeared upon the field, encased in full armor, mounted upon a splendid steed; and her presence always inspired her troops to fresh deeds of valor.

  18. No creature at all conspicuous is safe, unless it is agile and alert, or of horrific aspect, or endowed with giant's strength, or is encased in armour.

  19. The living rays or flower-like face are the features in which this encased worm resembles the coral polyps on the one hand and the houseless beche-de-mer on the other.

  20. Long hose of crimson silk encased the legs, rising from soft shoes of the same color.

  21. Another had a monk's capote tied about his neck with silver links, like jewels in a swine's snout, while his carcass was encased in a leather jerkin.

  22. Some submarines are able to wheel along the bottom itself, and are also provided with diving compartments from which members of the crew, encased in diving suits, may readily leave and re-enter the vessel during its submergence.

  23. Pillars between the bays are encased in terra-cotta fluted panels with interlacements of laurel and oak leaves.

  24. The fine, new, long slate-pencil encased in gold paper.

  25. A fine, long, new slate-pencil grandly encased for half its length in gold paper.

  26. She showed her reader soberly encased in a calico cover.

  27. Miss Pewsey clapped together a pair of small claws encased in shabby cotton gloves.

  28. His feet were encased in thick Chinese shoes wonderfully embroidered and his pig-tail was down.

  29. The encased moths I had reason to believe were on the point of appearing lay on a chair beside my bed or a tray close my pillow.

  30. His encased body being slid, stuffed, jammed into something like a wad of ammo into a barrel.

  31. But this it cannot well do, being encased in a strong hide, and accordingly the interior tends to be left in a porous condition.

  32. This rod is protected from the filling which is placed between the brickwork and the shell F of the forge by being encased in an iron pipe I.

  33. It was formerly filled with heavy, ugly woodwork, and half way up all the pillars may be traced the modern stone-work which had to be inserted when the stalls and panelling that had encased the pillars were removed.

  34. The hot gobs of taffy clinging to his expansive, woolen sock-encased feet caused him such intense pain, the old man endeavored to introduce a new stunt, namely, to throw both feet in the air at the same time.

  35. This so exasperated Alfred that he did not notice the garment he was being encased in.

  36. An Indian woman, clad in barbarous colors, her bare feet encased in sandals, admitted him, and the banker himself met him in the hall.

  37. Alfarez was dressed immaculately, this time in civilian's white linen, his ferocious little mustachios carefully pointed, his cheeks freshly shaven and talcumed, his slender feet encased in white canvas shoes.

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