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Example sentences for "encampments"

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  1. The encampments of the Indians from the time of leaving Spirit Lake had been of the most temporary character, but upon reaching Heron Lake preparations were made for a camp of many days duration.

  2. These were divided into two encampments of three lodges each, about three miles apart.

  3. About the middle of August, the Federal general broke up his encampments and moved his army across the mountains to the Tennessee.

  4. It was soon afterward distributed into different encampments on Staten Island, Long Island, and the island of New York.

  5. During our night encampments it was considered necessary for one of the party to keep watch and ward over the goods and chattels, for the Mongols are not so honest as they usually get credit for.

  6. At each of these encampments they leave their tents of felt or skins standing, thus evincing great confidence in the security of life and property.

  7. Many were in the trenches and others in encampments on both sides, within easy reach of the lines but secure from gun fire.

  8. Thousands of soldiers were coming and going between the trenches and the encampments behind.

  9. In the midst of civilized nations, they preserve the manners of the Scythian desert, remove their encampments with a change of seasons, and feed their cattle among the ruins of palaces and temples.

  10. Scarcely were we ashore at the different encampments before father and daughter would stroll off arm in arm, leaving the whole brigade envious and disconsolate.

  11. He attacked the encampments of Sir John Johnson and the Indians which were contiguous, and strong detachments of which were absent on the ambuscade.

  12. Large encampments were gradually descried; to appearance, the enemy were twenty thousand strong.

  13. Anon came word of encampments sufficient for a large body of troops on both sides of Gilliland's Creek, with bateaux plying about its waters and painted warriors gliding about in canoes.

  14. It was stationed about the centre of the island, chiefly along Turtle Bay and Kip's Bay, where strong works had been thrown up, to guard against any landing of troops from the ships or from the encampments on Long Island.

  15. During the whole journey Evans met with only six natives, but saw the smoke of their encampments in many places.

  16. Between the tenth and eleventh encampments the traces of the road are so plain that one does not have to rely on inference.

  17. He visited the encampments at Boulogne, with the intention apparently, of receiving such an acknowledgment from the troops as was paid by the ancient Franks to their monarchs, when they elevated them on their bucklers.

  18. The first men on Mars had felt pretty silly standing guard over their encampments with water pistols.

  19. The French army then moved by way of Providence to the Hudson, and there is among the Rochambeau maps in the library of Congress a plan of their route, with key, giving their twelve encampments on the way (nos.

  20. King's land forces, and the encampments and entrenchments of the rebels, from the drawings made on the spot.

  21. The British encampments on Boston Common are indicated in the foreground at the left.

  22. Below in the valley five separate encampments of the Austrian army were visible in the moonlight.

  23. There are also several British encampments in this neighbourhood, viz.

  24. On the lofty summits of some of the adjacent hills the concentric lines of British encampments plainly appear.

  25. They were probably temporary encampments and have now disappeared.

  26. It is well to recollect that in their encampments the Romans studiously avoided occupying a larger space than was absolutely necessary.

  27. Both in the village and in the encampments a fall of rain was followed by a new series of attacks.

  28. Throughout that evening and night the baggage wagons rumbled through London, without cessation, to the two main western encampments in Hyde Park.

  29. Here we are actually condemned to nine years of life inside a circle of German encampments on English soil, with a hundred millions a year of tribute to pay for the right to live in our own England.

  30. It may therefore very readily happen that the encampments in the neighbourhood of our present anchorage were older than we would be inclined at first sight to suppose.

  31. The encampments struck me as having been abandoned only a few years ago, and even the collections of bones did not appear to me to be old.

  32. Beaumont adduces the present state of many ancient encampments and tumuli and of old ploughed fields, as evidence that the surface of the land undergoes hardly any degradation.

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