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Example sentences for "epidemiological"

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  1. It occurred to me, that on the formation of the Epidemiological Society, the first question for consideration should be, What is the nature of those agents, which induce Epidemic Diseases?

  2. Van Loghem, "Some epidemiological facts concerning the plague in Java," Batavia, 1912.

  3. From the epidemiological standpoint it is interesting to know the dimensions and location of the cages in which the animals were kept.

  4. Bombay City and Island," "Epidemiological Observations in the villages of Dhand and Kasel (Punjab).

  5. Few micro-organisms have been more elaborately investigated, but very little is known of its natural history, and its epidemiological behaviour is still surrounded by obscurity.

  6. Apart from the epidemiological aspects of the subject, it is not uninstructive to notice the variety of helminths that infest the common fowl and game birds.

  7. Although this epidemiological phenomenon be a strange one, there is no reason to question the correctness of Willis's observations, corroborated as they are by those of Whitmore.

  8. The following section of London mortality, down to the end of our present period, will show, by reference to the total deaths, how important the omitted years are for the epidemiological history.

  9. Thus we have a remarkable epidemiological phenomenon, somewhat new to England unless, indeed, we bring all those spotted fevers and the like under the generic name of influenza.

  10. We shall not be able to give colour to our epidemiological history by other such instances from the Tudor period[803]; even for plague itself, the records of particular outbreaks are meagre and almost certainly only a part of the whole.

  11. That is the most interesting epidemiological fact in the whole outbreak; and Defoe has done ample justice to it.

  12. The other properly English works on the subject are all subsequent to the Restoration, and do not come into the period of this volume, nor, from an epidemiological point of view, into this work at all.

  13. We find, for the first time in the history, an adequate discussion of the epidemiological and clinical facts by the ablest men in the profession.

  14. He presented a series of epidemiological data and showed "how they may be explicable by the supposition that the mosquito is the real source of the disease, rather than the inhalation or cutaneous absorption of a marsh vapor.

  15. On epidemiological grounds the insects most open to suspicion are the lice, bed-bugs and fleas.

  16. Earlier in the same year, Brues and Sheppard published the results of an intensive epidemiological study of the outbreak of 1911, in Massachusetts.

  17. As a result of their epidemiological studies, they found that infantile paralysis continued to spread in epidemic form in the dead of winter, when these flies were very rare and torpid, or were even completely absent.

  18. I have already said all that seems necessary as to the earlier appearances of relapsing fever on the stage of epidemiological history.

  19. Still, the treatment of smallpox has always had the first place in its epidemiological history.

  20. Had it not been for the exact diligence of a few, especially in the North of England, we should have been left in doubt on some of the main epidemiological generalities.

  21. The rumour of London fevers seems to have reached Barker, who kept an epidemiological record at Coleshill.

  22. It is not only epidemiological science that tells us this, but also common sense--est modus in rebus.

  23. He occupied most of his space with treatment; but he gives here and there the following epidemiological details.

  24. For the present we may return to the proper subject of epidemic smallpox, premising, on the ground of what has been said, that inoculation made but little difference to the epidemiological history.

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