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Example sentences for "escalators"

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escalade; escaladed; escalading; escalated; escalator; escalera; escallop; escalloped; escallops; escalop
  1. The escalators weren't running, and we weren't going to alert any hypothetical ambush by starting them.

  2. I took an escalator up to the second floor, which was one big room, with the escalators and elevators in the rear.

  3. Four escalators were installed running from the main floor to the fifth.

  4. It is to be noted, too, that these escalators were the very first to be installed in which the step upon which the passenger rides is held continuously horizontal.

  5. Escalators were its one salvation--descending, as well as ascending.

  6. At a few stations, where the road is not near the surface, improved escalators and elevators are provided.

  7. The viaduct at this point is about 68 feet above the surface, and escalators are provided.

  8. Beside it, a series of other escalators for the traffic of moving merchandise.

  9. The mingled hum of instruments was in the night air; sometimes the snap of an aerial; and the steady, clicking whir of the night escalators on the city street levels and inclines.

  10. If the white-clad raiders controlled the top landing stage, they were pinned down by the firearms and sono guns of the defenders, below, who were in a position to stop anything that came down the escalators or the lift shaft.

  11. He had a pickup on the twelfth floor, the floor just under the public landing stages, and at the foot of the escalators leading to the central executive block.

  12. Anybody who's trying to get up the escalators to the office block will be an enemy.

  13. We're going to fight our main battle at the head of the escalators from the twelfth floor.

  14. The escalators to the level below weren't working.

  15. At least, from when you talked them into cleaning the town up and fixing the escalators and getting the fountains going again.

  16. At the head of the landing-stage escalators there was a glow of color and the ducal party began moving down.

  17. Something was going on by the escalators to the landing stage.

  18. Simultaneously there was a disquieting change from the accepted normal manner in which escalators are supposed to move.

  19. The array of escalators which he found in a side wing was a formidable one and confusing with movements in all directions, crisscrossing and overlapping one another.

  20. Two escalators down, they came out on a mezzanine around a wide central hall on the street level, the floor forty feet below them and the ceiling thirty feet above.

  21. We ought to find escalators at the middle.

  22. Each side was composed of three escalators and moving platforms in both directions, with a set of stairs and a promenade.

  23. Silver escalators swept to a bright platform covered in springy non-skid green plastic.

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