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Example sentences for "escalator"

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escala; escalade; escaladed; escalading; escalated; escalators; escalera; escallop; escalloped; escallops
  1. He became a cleat on the slow-moving escalator of promotion, waiting on the death and retirement of seniors or the expansion of the army.

  2. A descending escalator was placed in the plans for the new Macy's--for the use of the store's patrons.

  3. Despite a certain old-fashioned prejudice against it on the part of some old-fashioned New Yorkers, a descending escalator is not only practicable but entirely safe.

  4. It is neither practical nor modern greatly to increase stairway capacity in remodeling Macy's and so the question of a descending escalator thrusts itself upon the architects' attention.

  5. The elevator as well as the escalator will play a vastly important part in the fabrication of the new Macy's.

  6. By making its escalator double-file, Macy's not only slightly more than doubled its capacity but rendered it the full equivalent of at least twenty-five passenger elevators of the largest size.

  7. When this escalator was first built, eighteen years ago, it was looked upon as hardly less than a transportation marvel.

  8. He pulled Maida toward the head of an escalator a dozen feet away.

  9. They climbed down the metal frame-work of the escalator sides; down under it to where the inverted steps were passing downward on the endless belts.

  10. Bisecting the slope was a vertical street--a broad escalator of moving steps, one half going upward, the other down.

  11. The escalator creaked and groaned, as if every turn would be its last, and Jeff stared dreamily at the moving wall, waiting--until he passed the open well to the opposite stairs.

  12. He would have to hurry, for the guards would be down the escalator in a few moments.

  13. Take the escalator at the end of the hall.

  14. At the foot of the escalator he stopped short.

  15. They started walking toward the escalator at the end of the passageway.

  16. The escalator was not safe for blind men.

  17. None of the group except Corporal Smith himself, as it turned out, had ever travelled on an escalator before.

  18. It was the triumph of Henry Adams's detachment that no escalator could move him forward anywhere because he was not bound anywhere in particular.

  19. Behind the escalator he groped along the floor beneath the lockers until he found his key.

  20. He cut to the right, running toward the escalator to the second floor.

  21. He set a steady, killing pace up the escalator steps.

  22. Jason wasn't at all surprised when they came on a public escalator just behind the restaurant.

  23. They went up five levels that way--without seeing another person--before Kerk relented and let the escalator do the work.

  24. The escalator was just inside the door to the right, and I ran down the downward-moving steps, doubling back to the left at the bottom, and out the door on the pedestrian level.

  25. I got Maxwell onto an escalator leading to the second level before his legs buckled.

  26. In front of his apartment house, he took the escalator to the Airway.

  27. Once again Carre took the escalator to the Airway and moved across the city.

  28. In growing fright he pounded up the escalator and rushed into John's room.

  29. Stepping off the escalator at the top Ursula spit a nasty epithet his way, then disappeared into the upstairs hall.

  30. Ascending on the escalator Ursula turned to look scornfully over her shoulder.

  31. With that he took the escalator to the upper hall while Philon watched him disappear.

  32. This'll wipe a little more of that superior grin off Tony Lattimer's face," Fitzgerald was saying, as they went down the motionless escalator to the floor below.

  33. They made their way down and walked among the clutter, missing a hundred things for every one they saw, until they found an escalator to the basement.

  34. After poking tentatively at the escalator with the spike of her ice axe, Martha led the way downward.

  35. Rather than waste time forcing the door here, they returned to the middle basement and came up by the escalator down which they had originally descended.

  36. Passing through it to the other end, Prestonby unlocked a door, and they went down a short hall, to where ten or fifteen boys and girls had just gotten off a helical escalator and were queued up at a door at the other end.

  37. The floor above was a shambles, with bodies lying about, and the descending escalator was packed with white-robed attackers, who had apparently prepared for their charge by tossing down a number of heavy fragmentation bombs.

  38. They have the escalator head covered; you'll get knocked out before you get off the spiral!

  39. By the time he had gotten down to what, in deference to the superstitions of the Illiterate store force, was known as the fourteenth floor, an attack on the north escalator had developed as well.

  40. A light mist was falling when he stepped off the escalator and stood in front of the pet shop.

  41. He parked in the outskirts and took a sidewalk escalator toward O'Reilley's address.

  42. Even as they leapt, the sickening thought came that perhaps the escalator ray was no longer running.

  43. They had tuned out on the escalator rays, but continued on still invisible--for the disc hung above them in plain view and it would have been suicide to let themselves be seen.

  44. Then you--you think those round buttons are connected with the escalator rays?

  45. That escalator ray--do you know how they use it?

  46. And the escalator rays, by which they could proceed to and from the disc, were also of high frequency, as were their invisibility rays.

  47. Reaching the disc, he switched out the escalator influence and hastened across the city to that monumental structure of jade-green stone.

  48. Once on the street, he pressed the escalator button as well--and by the strength of the vibrations that followed, he knew he must be very close within that mysterious lifting zone.

  49. It all depends upon how wide the zone of these escalator rays is, and whether we can tune in on them.

  50. In the escalator each tread is attached rigidly to its riser, and the two together form an independent unit.

  51. In another establishment, in a very busy hour, the number taken from the first floor by the escalator was four times the number taken from the first floor by the fourteen lifts, which were running at their maximum capacity.

  52. It was, furthermore, daily a matter of observation that numbers of people, finding that the escalator was not running, refused to climb the stairs, and turned away from the station.

  53. Furthermore, the room occupied by a single escalator is much less than that occupied by the number of lifts required to give anything like an equally efficient service.

  54. The wheels are so constructed as to be practically noiseless, so that as a whole the escalator works very quietly.

  55. Halfway across the park to the escalator bunker Gusterson's heart began to tick.

  56. He was studying them so intently that he forgot his escalator was landing.

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