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Example sentences for "etymologist"

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  1. The etymologist must either be an antiquary or must know where to go for sound antiquarian information.

  2. The derivation of jug is not capable of proof, but a 17th-century etymologist regards it as identical with the female name Jug,[34] for Joan or Jane.

  3. But the old-fashioned etymologist will not be denied his little story.

  4. Of the origin of the personal terminations of English verbs, that eminent etymologist Dr.

  5. The same etymologist pretends, that in Shakspeare, Pope, Swift, and Milton, there are not many more than a hundred words purely English!

  6. We extract the following from a French paper: "An etymologist has lately published the following analysis of the English language.

  7. This last tendency not infrequently supersedes the other, partly from the natural habit of the language, and partly because the average man is not an etymologist and knows very little about the derivation of the words he uses.

  8. The etymologist clears all those fences for you and delivers a word fresh into your hands.

  9. No etymologist could have accounted for the name of our nation had he not had recourse to our annals.

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    grammarian; lexicographer; linguist; philologist