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  1. Such an etymology is much of a piece with many popular etymologies in our own land.

  2. But we are followed by etymologies along the whole coast.

  3. There may be other possible etymologies for Rutter, but those discussed will suffice to show that the origin of occupative names is not always easily guessed.

  4. It is this theory that his particular etymologies are announced as intended to carry out, in the way of illustration or exemplification.

  5. Other etymologists of ancient times admitted etymologies as rash as those of Plato.

  6. I repeat, that in spite of Stallbaum's confident assertions, he fails in giving the smallest proof that Protagoras or the Sophists proposed etymologies such as to make them a suitable butt for Plato on this occasion.

  7. Philo Judaeus in commenting upon the Pentateuch, etymologies totally inadmissible and often ridiculous.

  8. He treats the etymologies in the Kratylus as seriously intended.

  9. Such is the light in which these Platonic etymologies appear to a modern critic.

  10. I cannot therefore accept as well-founded this "discovery of modern times," which represents the Platonic etymologies in the Kratylus as intentionally extravagant and knowingly caricatured, for the purpose of ridiculing the Sophists or others.

  11. Platonic etymologies in the Kratylus are caricatured to deride the boastful and arbitrary etymologies of the Sophists about language.

  12. Skeat says "Nowhere can more ignorant etymologies be found than in works on Botany and `scientific' subjects.

  13. These writers, like Mr. Farnell and Mr. Jevons recently, seek for the answer to mythological problems rather in the habits and ideas of the folk and of savages and barbarians than in etymologies and 'a disease of language.

  14. Professor Tiele then criticises Sir George Cox and Mr. Robert Brown, junior, for their etymologies of Poseidon.

  15. I have never been able to extract from my critics the title of a single book in which my etymologies and my mythological equations had been seriously criticised by real scholars.

  16. In agreement with Curtius and many other scholars, we very sincerely doubt almost all etymologies of old proper names, even in Greek or Sanskrit.

  17. If the etymologies were accepted, no proof is offered to us of the actual existence, as a vera causa, of the process by which a saying.

  18. But we and our method no more stand or fall with De Brosses and his, than Mr. Max Muller's etymologies stand or fall with those in the Cratylus of Plato.

  19. Various etymologies have been given with a view of arriving at the right one for this town.

  20. I have to inform you that the places of that part of Kent where Folkeston, so properly spelt on the seal of the ancient priory, is situated, receive their etymologies from local or geological distinctions.

  21. Hence it is that the etymologies of some names are not found, since certain things have received their name not according to the quality in which they originated, but according to man’s arbitrary choice.

  22. Allegorical etymologies are applied to the names of the personages; and in general the whole natural course and setting of the poem is taken allegorically.

  23. Sidenote: All etymologies to be rejected which derive the name.

  24. Sidenote: Other supposed etymologies in the Talmud.

  25. It is not too much to say that these etymologies are impossible; and this for several reasons.

  26. Vice's dagger---- To each of the proposed etymologies of Vice in the note there seem to be solid objections.

  27. The mark which was used in later times for the coronis has been preserved in the etymologies of Isidore, lib.

  28. Its meaning is sufficiently indicated in the text, but the published definition and etymologies are evidently incomplete.

  29. The idea that it is named after a mythical King Lud is, of course, exploded now, and there are at present two etymologies to choose from.

  30. Footnote 162: Note the fetichism wrapped up in the etymologies of these Greek words.

  31. Footnote 11: Some of these etymologies are attacked by Mr. Mahaffy in his Prolegomena to Ancient History, p.

  32. The etymologies of several Hindoo words may be of some interest to the reader, and may with propriety be adduced here.

  33. Bartlett's etymologies are scanty and often inaccurate; Schele de Vere's are sometimes quite fanciful; Thornton offers scarcely any at all.

  34. Latham's etymologies prove no such thing; neither does he anywhere tell us what it is.

  35. These ulterior and remote etymologies are perhaps too conjectural.

  36. He confines himself almost wholly to European languages, but not always to the particular class of etymologies which it is his main object to trace out.

  37. With the kind of etymologies we are speaking of, it is practically useful to have the German gift of summoning a thing up from the depths of one's inward consciousness.

  38. We have not left ourselves room enough to illustrate Mr. Wedgwood's handling of these etymologies by extracts; we must refer our readers to the book itself.

  39. Probably they were explained by new etymologies more in harmony with the spirit of the times; compare the etymology "father of a multitude of nations" given to Abraham.

  40. These examples of interesting etymologies might easily be multiplied; they serve, at any rate, to indicate a rich mine of suggestive teaching.

  41. The Biblical interest in edifying etymologies was maintained and developed by early commentators.

  42. Surely not merely to introduce the etymologies of Jabez; or if Jabez were so important that it was worth while to interrupt the genealogies to furnish two derivations of his name, why are we not told more about him?

  43. These etymologies must be grasped for understanding this verse.

  44. All these etymologies are, of course, exceedingly fanciful.

  45. Not that the etymologies do not correspond with the rules of Sanskrit Grammar, but that they are not accepted by lexicographers.

  46. The Abbe Brasseur de Bourbourg, in his attempted interpretation of the Manuscript Troano, gives the following curious etymologies of the names of these months.

  47. Moreover, his etymologies are evidence of his knowledge of the Hebrew language; though he sometimes gives a symbolic value to Biblical names according to their Greek equivalent, he more frequently bases his allegory upon a Hebrew derivation.

  48. The etymologies given of 'moly' are almost as numerous as the etymologists.

  49. It will be seen that very various and absolutely inconsistent etymologies and meanings of Cronus are suggested by philologists of the highest authority.

  50. A well-known example is the word Huguenot, for which fifteen different etymologies have been proposed.

  51. This, says Trench, "is exactly one of those plausible etymologies which one learns after a while to reject with contempt.

  52. Even anecdotic etymologies accepted by the most cautious modern authorities do not always inspire complete confidence.

  53. I have found the same applied to many places with which such etymologies could not, by any possibility, have the remotest connexion.

  54. I cannot agree with any of the etymologies of this phrase, as given at p.

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