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  1. Whosoever is conversant with the writings of etymologists must be well aware, that there are few subjects wherein men run wild to the degree that they run wild in Etymology.

  2. That many Etymologists apply them I am most certain; where, however, do we find them detailed in system, or recognised as tests?

  3. Few Etymologists have any conception of the enormous influence of small and common processes, provided that the extent of Language that they affect be considerable.

  4. Etymologists have laboured hard to get at the root of the word Yule; some of them, however, with but indifferent success.

  5. Etymologists are not at all agreed as to its derivation.

  6. This word etymologists trace to the Anglo-Saxon geotan and geat, which imply a pouring forth.

  7. Such persons have viewed etymology as nothing else than a dexterous play upon words, and have looked upon etymologists as little better than indifferent punsters.

  8. Most etymologists derive the word from the Dutch /doop/, a sauce.

  9. Ante/, the poker term, though the etymologists point out its obvious origin in the Latin, probably came into American from the Spanish.

  10. Certain later etymologists hold that it originated more probably in an Indian mishandling of the French word /Anglais/.

  11. Much of the discussion of slang by popular etymologists is devoted to proofs that this or that locution is not really slang at all--that it is to be found in Shakespeare, in Milton, or in the Revised Version.

  12. Again, the most illustrious etymologists differ absolutely about the true sense of the names.

  13. The etymologists of the 17th century, familiar with the appearance of "guilt engraven morions," connected it with Lat.

  14. Whether such be really the case, he leaves to etymologists to decide.

  15. The practice of etymologists will determine what definition is most convenient.

  16. Thus the Arabic etymologists whom I mentioned in a former work[540] may be right in a certain sense in tracing back most of the derivations of the root safar to this sense.

  17. The name of this subterranean city of Troo may be connected with trou, the French generic term for a hole or pit: the Provencal form of trou is trauc, which etymologists identify with traugum, the Latin for a cave or den.

  18. Other etymologists of ancient times admitted etymologies as rash as those of Plato.

  19. Stallbaum to a certain extent, that Plato in the Kratylus intended to mock and caricature the bad etymologists of his own day; yet also that parts of the Kratylus are seriously intended.

  20. Sound contributes many Slang words--a source that etymologists frequently overlook.

  21. This is hardly slang now-a-days, and modern etymologists give its origin as that of bands or swaddling clothes.

  22. In the name of Cherbourg mediæval etymologists fondly saw an Imperial name yet older than that which is borne by the whole district, and the received Latin name is no other than Cæsaris Burgus.

  23. The case is not quite so clear as that of Paris; some unlucky etymologists have seen in the name Jublains traces of Jules and of bains; but a moment's thought will show that the name is a natural corruption of Diablintes.

  24. Some etymologists say that the word originally meant a "standing still over or by a thing" in fear, wonder, or dread.

  25. The native land of this domestic pet, or nuisance, is certainly Persia, and some etymologists assign pers as the origin of puss.

  26. Some etymologists thence infer that it was Pick't; but we don't believe it.

  27. Modern etymologists equate the word with Brahman.

  28. Sound contributes many Slang words—a source that etymologists too frequently overlook.

  29. Recent etymologists cannot see any connexion between ‘peck’ and ‘poke’.

  30. I should, however, be glad to have the opinion of some of your better-informed etymologists on the meaning of the word, as it may decide a point of some importance in genealogy.

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