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Example sentences for "finishers"

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finir; finis; finish; finished; finisher; finishes; finishing; finisht; finit; finita
  1. The whole body of finishers keeps pace with the whole body of operators.

  2. The following is a partial list of leading industries: Newburgh Bleachery, bleachers and finishers of fine cotton fabrics; Sweet, Orr & Co.

  3. If the works themselves are deserving of commendation, surely the workers and finishers thereof are entitled to the honor of some mention.

  4. As before stated, and as expert carriage finishers everywhere will assert, the less brushing and disturbing of varnish, once it is flowed on the surface, the finer the body and brilliancy of the finish.

  5. The natural flow of varnish, as the finishers all may know, is downward, and the horizontal stroke of the brush does not arrest this flow or divert it from its accepted course.

  6. A majority of finishers in our best shops persist in the practice.

  7. The best stroke for squaring up varnish has often been discussed at length, and it seems to be the decision of the leading finishers of the country that the horizontal stroke is to be preferred to the vertical.

  8. In many factory shops the finishers wipe such parts with the palm of their hand.

  9. Many first-class finishers insist upon straining all the varnish they use; and cheese cloth serves the purpose of a good strainer at a low cost.

  10. But as compared with cutters, basters, and operators the finishers both before and since the strike had always been paid relatively below their deserts.

  11. Against such a standard of living as this, then, cloak finishers were obliged to compete as long as they attempted to underbid the hours and prices of home work.

  12. The subcontracting system bore most severely on the women in the trade, as the greater proportion of the finishers were women, and before the strike nearly every finisher was employed by a subcontractor.

  13. The wages paid to finishers in the same shop, whether they were girls or men, were the same.

  14. Brass finishers frequently form the heads of their taps as in Fig.

  15. Brass finishers generally prefer a square reamer to all others for reaming the bores of brass cocks, &c.

  16. Brass finishers use square taper reamers, which produce upon brass more true work than the half-round reamer.

  17. Some finishers prefer to use old, evil-smelling glaire, but provided it is a day old, and has been well beaten up, fresh glaire will work quite well.

  18. Some finishers prefer to use common vinegar or diluted acetic acid for washing up books.

  19. Many finishers elevate the press, letting it drain towards the fore-edge; there is no danger to the latter if the press is tipped forward from the top.

  20. The finishers are men, and the stooping required sometimes produces consumption.

  21. Yearly migration of about 3,000 brick finishers from Lippe-Detmold, which is very opportunely directed by the government.

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