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Example sentences for "finisher"

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finings; finir; finis; finish; finished; finishers; finishes; finishing; finisht; finit
  1. The law's grim finisher to its boughs ascended, And fixed the hempen bandages, while he Bowed to the throng, then bade the cart go free.

  2. Looking unto Iesus, the author and finisher of our faith' (Hebrews xij.

  3. It is such a foundation as riseth from the bottom to the top, and therefore Jesus Christ is both “the author and finisher of our faith,” “the beginning and the end.

  4. Christ Jesus is “the author and finisher both of faith and love;” and “we love him because he first loved us.

  5. Stocks from Finisher ready to be spun upon the mule.

  6. This is accomplished by feeding the cotton to a series of picker machines called in order, bale breaker, cotton opener and automatic feeder, breaker picker, intermediate picker, and finisher picker.

  7. A top is the ball of combed wool as it comes from the finisher gill boxes.

  8. When a lap is delivered from the finisher picker, it should weigh a given number of ounces per yard.

  9. After combing, the wool is gilled again by machines known as finisher gill boxes, and wound into a ball called a top.

  10. In what form does the wool finally leave the finisher gill boxes?

  11. A request coming from the finisher was--yet unknown to herself--resistless with David, and in the present instance it loosened his tongue.

  12. While this was in progress, his languid hazel eyes were fixed on the finisher girl.

  13. Quentin, as the finisher of the law again sought to approach him closer, "or I shall be tempted to teach you the distance that should be betwixt men of honour and such an outcast.

  14. Hear how he revileth," said the finisher of the law.

  15. A finisher can always alter the thickness of a gouge with emery paper.

  16. Unless the finisher has had considerable experience, it is best to deepen all folder lines by going over them in blind with a fillet or piece of straight line.

  17. The finisher should not glaire in more than he can tool the same day.

  18. When all free gold is rubbed off, the finisher can see where the tooling is imperfect.

  19. A design is doubled when the finisher tries to make a second impression and the tool does not quite follow the lines of the first impression.

  20. Leather cushion on which the finisher cuts gold leaf.

  21. Under the piece operating system each operator sews up all the seams on one "piece," or garment, and each finisher does all the hand sewing on one garment.

  22. Each operator and each finisher is an independent worker.

  23. Be the author and finisher of my faith, wherewith I shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

  24. I long to appear at Thy table with glowing devotion and becoming reverence in full faith, but where is the power to do, if I do not receive it of Thee, thou Author and Finisher of my faith?

  25. The finisher dips a camel's-hair brush in acid and applies it to the high-light portions of the plate, or other places that are too dark, and allows it to act on the metal until these parts of the plate are lightened sufficiently.

  26. Gold ornamentation requires heated tools, and in the hands of a practised finisher beautiful designs can be worked out with quite a limited assortment of rolls, straight and curved lines, and a few sprigs, dots, and stars.

  27. The skilful, artistic finisher has other methods at his command of making the plate reproduce as accurately and as artistically as possible the original drawing or photograph.

  28. Thus is he the author and finisher of our faith.

  29. The finisher should be able to draw, or at least have some knowledge of composition, and also know something about the harmony of colours.

  30. I advise the finisher to beat his glaire from an egg as he may require it.

  31. The finisher will find he can lay a more even coating on by using the sponge in a circular direction.

  32. A practised finisher can generally tell the proper heat on holding the iron at some little distance from his face, by the heat radiated from the iron.

  33. The press should, however, be light enough to enable the finisher to easily turn it round, as it frequently must be, while finishing a book.

  34. The state of the weather must in a great measure guide the finisher as to the proper number of volumes he ought to prepare at one time.

  35. By following the directions here given the finisher will find that his gold will adhere without much trouble, beyond the practice necessary in becoming accustomed to an accurate use of the various tools.

  36. The finisher has not only to contend with these difficulties, but he must also become an adept in handling the gold leaf and in using the proper medium by which the gold is made to adhere to the leather.

  37. Lord, enable me to keep 'looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of faith.

  38. He is exalted as a Prince to give repentance, and he is the author and finisher of faith.

  39. Oh, I will look unto Jesus, the object, the author, and the finisher of that faith which interests us in himself and the whole of his purchase.

  40. Remedies in impressive array have been marshalled wherewith to restore varnish brushes that have become lousy, but the vehicle finisher recognizes no reliable or economical remedy for the purpose named.

  41. To become an expert body finisher the workman should possess varnish intelligence.

  42. It carries a greater quantity of varnish and enables the finisher to coat the surface quicker than he could do with the smaller brush.

  43. One of the secrets of the French coach painter's success as a fine varnisher and finisher was revealed by W.

  44. The finisher should never assume the responsibility of adding driers to varnish.

  45. Any first-class finisher can very soon determine the working property, brilliancy, depth of lustre, drying quality and general behavior under varying circumstances and conditions of different varnishes.

  46. They are somewhat expensive, however, and the amateur finisher may prefer to develop his own stain.

  47. It may be well to caution the amateur finisher as to the time required for the thorough drying of shellac.

  48. It is therefore not wise for the young finisher to attempt to make his own remover.

  49. A practical question that the amateur finisher will ask is, how can one know in advance how much filler is needed for given pieces of work, and what will be its cost?

  50. The wood finisher can improve this oak's natural appearance by employing fillers and stains to lighten shades or deepen tints.

  51. The finisher can greatly alter its appearance by rubbing the pores full of coloring matter.

  52. When sapwood changes to heartwood, some of the pores disappear, but those which remain are abundantly sufficient to absorb any stains or fillers which the wood finisher may wish to apply.

  53. The pores thus cut diagonally across are taken advantage of by the finisher who works stains and fillers into them, and changes their natural color, thereby accentuating the wood's figure.

  54. Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

  55. Kant felt himself to be the finisher of skepticism; but this was chiefly because he had received the strongest impulse to the development of his critique of knowledge from Hume's inquiries concerning causation.

  56. As a philosopher of religion Hume is the finisher and destroyer of deism.

  57. In 1880 the shirts were given out by the dozen as at present, going back to the factory to pass through the hands of the finisher and buttonhole maker.

  58. The finisher shook her head as she looked at her, then poured a cup of tea and put it silently on the edge of the table where it could be reached.

  59. The "finisher" remains a necessity, and as finisher sometimes passes slightly beyond the rate obtained when merely sewing-girl.

  60. The name of the finisher of the law, or hangman about the year 1608.

  61. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

  62. Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

  63. She then obtained employment as a finisher in a skirt factory, where her best wage was $7.

  64. For the first four months after her arrival Sarah earned about $5 a week, working from nine and one-half to ten hours a day as a finisher of boys' trousers.

  65. The subcontracting system bore most severely on the women in the trade, as the greater proportion of the finishers were women, and before the strike nearly every finisher was employed by a subcontractor.

  66. Rea Lupatkin, a shirt-waist maker of nineteen, had been in New York only ten months, and was at first a finisher in a cloak factory.

  67. No contracting or subcontracting shall be permitted by the firm inside its factory, and no operator or finisher shall be permitted more than one helper.

  68. At the beginning of this time she had left the skirt factory and become a finisher in a waist factory, where she earned from $10 to $12 a week, working nine and a half hours a day.

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