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Example sentences for "fourfold"

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  1. For you are destined, my son, soon to receive the fourfold sovereignty of all the sky-goers, Kinnaras and all.

  2. For, in the first place, there are no solid grounds for believing that the fourfold division of the Jewish day here supposed, ever existed.

  3. But the Epics and the Puranas know of the fourfold Veda and place the Atharva Veda on a level with the other three.

  4. In conclusion, as we reflect upon the fourfold aspect of the subject that we have presented in outline in these pages, the whole imagery passes in review before the mental vision.

  5. The damages recoverable in an action may be either once, twice, three, or four times the value of the plaintiff's original interest; there is no action by which more than fourfold damages can be claimed.

  6. Under our constitution too a statutory condiction lies for the recovery of fourfold damages from officers of the court, who exact money from defendants in excess of its provisions.

  7. In other actions of the same class this is not so; for instance, in the action on theft detected in the commission, the defendant has under any circumstances to pay fourfold damages.

  8. His last resort is to state that the loss of the President was fourfold (in reality threefold) that of the Endymion.

  9. Or, the force being practically equal, the Hornet inflicted fourfold the loss and tenfold the damage she suffered.

  10. There is a fourfold reformation in scripture, and contained in the league and covenant.

  11. If you would be accepted, bring faith with you to this service: and that in a fourfold reference; 1.

  12. Ye may observe a fourfold power of God against these mountains.

  13. Defn: four times the sum or number; a fourfold amount; as, to receive to quadruple of the amount in damages.

  14. And threefold it was, my sorrow--Who my heart would in pieces smite Fourfold and from hence would bear them, in the pain should I find delight.

  15. But the man beat one side of his drum, and a fourfold army stood around him!

  16. It is best explained by its fourfold division into 1.

  17. Henry Edward Manning: The Four Great Evils of the Day; The Fourfold Sovereignty of God; The Grounds of Faith.

  18. In the fourfold prophecy to Peter, in Matt.

  19. In this may be found perhaps the first beginnings of that fourfold party faction which arose in the Corinthian church (1 Cor.

  20. By the fundamental fourfold division of his system he could not give to the doctrine of the Trinity a necessary and controlling but only an accidental and occasional position.

  21. All that is eternal, has attending of it, as to the utmost knowledge of it, a fourfold impossibility.

  22. Yet again, said He, observe and look; so they gave heed, and perceived that the hen did walk in a fourfold method towards her chickens.

  23. There are four sorts of people that desire, that desire the kingdom of heaven; consequently, desires have a fourfold root from whence they flow.

  24. On the whole, it is seen to be rather more inconsistent with Genesis than its fourfold predecessor.

  25. Now this same fourfold order is understood to have been so affirmed in our time by natural science, that it may be taken as a demonstrated conclusion and established fact (p.

  26. Septuagint seems to vary from the Hebrew, there is a grand fourfold division, set forth in an orderly succession of times as follows: on the fifth day 1.

  27. The fivefold order is no more "affirmed in our time by natural science" to be "a demonstrated conclusion and established fact" than the fourfold order was.

  28. All in vain, each trap was a dead drag of over three hundred pounds, and in their relentless fourfold grasp, with great steel jaws on every foot, and the heavy logs and chains all entangled together, he was absolutely powerless.

  29. It is a fourfold portrait of Christ that we get, but the whole is infinitely richer than the picture given by any one of the Four Gospels.

  30. The schoolmen well said that there is a fourfold darkness--of nature, of ignorance, of misery, of sin.

  31. It does not seem possible to convey to the English reader the fourfold harping upon the word (1 John v.

  32. Not can it be otherwise: For twice the Quantity running out, with twice the Velocity, implies the Force or Pressure to be Fourfold, as the Fourfold Altitude requires; and so for ever.

  33. The penalty for misuse of the privilege was made a surcharge of four times the amount of the postage, but not less than 5 thalers, which might be increased fourfold on repetition of the offence.

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