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Example sentences for "frailties"

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  1. It is doubtful whether the native parish priest, bereft of the white man's control, would have sufficient firmness of character to overcome his own frailties and lead his flock in the true path.

  2. The immorality of the friars was not general and by no means the chief ground, if any, for hostility against them; the frailties of the few simply weakened the prestige of all and broke the pedestal of their moral superiority.

  3. Men's weaknesses he looks upon as human frailties, until time and sense teach him that frailties have degenerated into positive perversity of character and baseness of heart.

  4. Who does not condone the frailties of Captain Costigan, and F.

  5. There is a note needed to show the good side of human nature and to condone its frailties which Thackeray will never strike.

  6. But who to blaze his frailties feels delight, When the great author rises to our sight?

  7. Those weaknesses--the destroying frailties of womankind--I have driven over rough-shod through the pages of my books because I have always believed that Woman was the one thing which God came nearest to creating perfect.

  8. But he had seen their weaknesses and their frailties as perhaps no other man had ever seen them, and he had written of them as no other man had ever written.

  9. Dominicus was surnamed Loricatus because he wore a coat of mail against the attacks of the devil through the frailties of the too-comfortable flesh.

  10. And somehow it would seem as if in the Carthusian Order the frailties of the spirit and the lusts of the flesh were to be permanently vanquished by this set life of labour, meditation, and rigid asceticism.

  11. If God, in His own perfection, did not see so many frailties in us, think you He would be so gracious to our virtues?

  12. No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode, (There they alike in trembling hope repose,) The bosom of his Father and his God.

  13. They clothed even the stars with passion, and gave to gods the faults and frailties of the sons of men.

  14. No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode, (There they alike in trembling hope repose), The bosom of his Father and his God.

  15. In all that heart, nothing but wandring frailties Wild as the wind, and blind as death or ignorance, Inhabit there.

  16. What hast thou left to abuse our frailties In shape of goodness?

  17. I should have spread my mantle over the frailties of my spiritual father, and done what I might to support his character, and, of course, to extend his utility among the brethren, as well as with others.

  18. Banish the frailties of hope, wither the relenting of love, scorch the fountains of tears, curse him as only thou canst curse.

  19. Both these men were realists, but Jonson slashed into life with bitter satire, whereas Dekker cloaked over its frailties with a tender humor.

  20. Not that the English Law allows nothing to the frailties of human nature, but that it always exerts itself where there appears to have been a person killed in cool blood.

  21. Sensible people have as much consideration for the frailties of the rich as for those of the poor.

  22. None who love humanity can wish to speak harshly of its mere frailties or errors--but none who revere morality can allow privilege to its sins.

  23. In his own guiltless conscience, guiltless before man, he yet feels incessantly the frailties of his nature, and is meek, humble, and penitent as the greatest sinner.

  24. Humanity, no one above the trials and frailties of, 180-l.

  25. The Infinite Justice of God does not consist in meting out exact measures of punishment for human frailties and sins.

  26. What best may profit or delight they know, And real good for fancied bliss bestow: With eyes of pity they our frailties scan; More dear to them, than to himself, is man.

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