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Example sentences for "frenzies"

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frente; frenulum; frenum; frenzied; frenziedly; frenzy; frequence; frequencies; frequency; frequent
  1. I had set it free when I brought old memories to him, and I owed it to him that amazing chance that I lived through the frenzies of Ice-haven.

  2. Often I would know that I had consciousness, and yet I could not move hand or foot, so that the terror moved me to frenzies of agony, though my lips were sealed, and I felt myself passing to death.

  3. Once more adventure claimed him; he plunged into the whirl of high affairs; his fate was mingled with the frenzies of Empire and the doom of peoples.

  4. Balzac's novel "La Peau de Chagrin," which has won a celebrity far beyond its merits, is most unmistakably marked with the frenzies of 1830.

  5. He had frenzies of tears, his nights were sleepless reviews of his folly in throwing her away, and vain phantasms of her eyes and lips.

  6. Their frenzies were, as said above, in some cases genuine delusions; in other cases they offered, as one may readily imagine, excellent opportunities for personal gain or vengeance.

  7. Such artificial frenzies had a serious effect upon the body, and more particularly the eyes, so that many shamans (Siberia, America, etc.

  8. Carl's science became suddenly pregnant with truth; his patient, hard-learned science seemed in fact no more than the frenzies of a witch-doctor dancing in the heart of a Rhodesian swamp.

  9. If these frenzies of yours," rumbled Horker, "are so violent and malicious, you ought to be confined.

  10. I'm trying to find out a little more about the psychology back of these frenzies and swarmings.

  11. Lot of street meetings that could have turned into frenzies if the police hadn't broken them up in time.

  12. Maybe the ones who died in the frenzies and the swarmings were the lucky ones at that.

  13. This national melody invariably drove Magyar listeners into frenzies of patriotic enthusiasm (for that matter few audiences even now can hear it unstirred).

  14. She had to tell the news to Strathdene and he went into frenzies of jealousy.

  15. Hunting for some little love-word that was unimportant when found threw him into frenzies of rage.

  16. She had seen a hundred men shrieking in wild frenzies from brains too hot.

  17. They would work off their frenzies with a few dashes of paint or some ferocious chords on the piano.

  18. The various groups of "Reds" went their way, their hands clenched and their faces portraying a grim resolve to make out of Peter's story a means of lashing discontented labor to new frenzies of excitement.

  19. Deceptive frenzies they are, the enjoyment of which always involves of necessity the degradation of the woman and the contempt of the lover!

  20. What do we reap from these frenzies of unhealthy passion, but contempt for woman, and disbelief in anything virtuous?

  21. I once could laugh, I once was deem'd a man Fit for the frenzies of the dead god Pan, And now, by Heaven!

  22. Is't thy will anew, Famed as thou art, to marvel that I sue With such persistence, and in such unrest Amid the frenzies of my passion-quest?

  23. The constant quick running and stopping whilst the wings were folded appeared to me to be a part--the less excited part--of the general emotion out of which the sudden frenzies arose.

  24. Mr. Hill once said there was no use ever going into frenzies about the rights of the public.

  25. They lost themselves in frenzies of delight.

  26. And now and then while these frenzies possessed him, he would tear off handfuls of the cotton and expose his cooked flesh to view.

  27. There were deaf wraths within him, frenzies of interior rage, black and brooding flames unseen; he was a smoke-consuming man of passion.

  28. Storms are the nervous attacks and delirious frenzies of the sea.

  29. In the fifth book we are given the tedious story of how a certain obscure Appius consulted the Delphian oracle[300] and how he fared, merely, we suspect, that Lucan may have an opportunity for depicting the frenzies of the Pythian prophetess.

  30. Juvenal sometimes goads himself into inappropriate frenzies and sometimes betrays a suspiciously close acquaintance with the most disgusting details of the worst vices of the age.

  31. That the Bacchic and Corybantic frenzies were, in all respects, identical with the middle age dancing manias, and with the possession of those who still exhibit the influences of Waren in Hindoostan, can hardly be doubted.

  32. This was what Capito styled "the frenzies of the Saxon Orestes;" and these frenzies were followed by exhaustion.

  33. It was one of those epidemic frenzies which have fallen upon great cities in former ages of the world.

  34. In vain the newspapers published articles in derision of the madness, with accounts of similar frenzies which had laid hold of London before.

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