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Example sentences for "gaskets"

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  1. By the time that I had thus decided, the other two had cast off the gaskets from the main topsail.

  2. Passing the weather and lee yard-arm gaskets round the yard in turn, and hauling them taut and making them fast, I left all snug and trim.

  3. In the early days it was difficult to procure gaskets or packings that would be both gas and water tight.

  4. If it is necessary to use new gaskets it is imperative to employ these at all joints on a manifold, because if old and new gaskets are used together the new ones are apt to keep the manifold from bedding properly upon the used ones.

  5. The gaskets between carburetor and manifold, and between manifold and cylinders should be absolutely air-tight.

  6. Gaskets will hold better if coated with shellac before the manifold or other parts are placed over them.

  7. When reassembling the inlet and exhaust manifolds it is well to use only perfect packings or gaskets and to avoid the use of those that seem to have hardened up or flattened out too much in service.

  8. The new suit of sails were all bent, and lay loose in their gaskets ready for dropping.

  9. We must make them think that we are strong-handed,’ Cochrane said to me; and he ordered the men aloft to fasten up the furled sails with rope-yarn and to cast off the gaskets and other ropes.

  10. I had therefore to wait and watch Tom Jerrold swinging away up there and bundling the sail together, the gaskets being presently passed round it and the mizzen-topgallant made snug.

  11. If any of the gaskets remain on the posts when the covers are removed, replace them in the cover and thoroughly dry the inside with a rag.

  12. Soft rubber gaskets of pure gum rubber surround the post to make an acid proof seal to prevent electrolyte from seeping from the cells.

  13. These gaskets on the joints, the rivet pattern at the base of the thumb meant only one thing, it was the dismembered hand of a Venex robot.

  14. Plastic gaskets were set in the wall of the building, through them came the power and phone lines.

  15. I noticed when we came to The Bubble first, the ships are locked to the gaskets from inside the sphere.

  16. Lents, will you see that the port gaskets are loose?

  17. I knew very well that some of the gaskets were little better than old shakins; and, unless Tom got hold of something on the t'gallant yard below him, he might come down with a run any moment.

  18. There ain't all that much wind; and I tucked the ends of the gaskets well in under the other turns.

  19. Scarcely were the sails set, when I heard the swish and flick of gaskets being cast adrift on the lower yards, and realised that ghostly things were at work there.

  20. P'raps one of ther gaskets is rotten, and given way," suggested Stubbins.

  21. All hands were called, and the rags were rolled up, and the gaskets passed.

  22. Next the for'sail was set in much the same manner, and Wilbur was ordered to "lay out on the ji'boom and cast the gaskets off the jib.

  23. Moran and Wilbur cast off the gaskets and set the fore and main sails.

  24. The yard-arm and bunt gaskets were cast off; and each sail hung by the jigger, with one man standing by the tie to let it go.

  25. In an instant the gaskets were off and the bunt dropped.

  26. We were half in the rigging before the order came, and never since we left Boston were the gaskets off the yards and the rigging overhauled in a shorter time.

  27. Double gaskets were passed round the yards, rolling tackles and other gear bowsed taut, and everything made as secure as it could be.

  28. The rings may be gaskets or they may be made of rope, and should have an inside diameter of about 3 in.

  29. I put this between two gaskets and fastened the whole back in place.

  30. After that get the gaskets on the mainsail.

  31. Put on double gaskets while you're about it.

  32. Hermann, with his Kanakas, plodded steadily, lashing and making secure, putting ever more gaskets on the sails.

  33. In replacing the crank case and transmission cover on the motor, it is advisable to use a new set of gaskets to prevent oil leaks.

  34. Commending myself to God, for I was now to let go with my hands, I pulled the knife from my teeth, and feeling for the gaskets or lines which bound the sail to the spar, I cut and hacked as fast as I could ply my arms.

  35. With the gaskets off I gave the order to hoist away.

  36. The men who were making fast the headsails on the flying jibboom could be heard plainly from the poop deck, growling and swearing as they passed the gaskets around the sails.

  37. If the sail is bent to the yard, furl it, making the gaskets fast to the tye.

  38. Cast off the yard-arm gaskets and mast-head the topsails, keeping the bunts fast.

  39. Then we made a whole suit of gaskets for the voyage home, a pair of wheel-ropes from strips of green hide, great quantities of spun-yarn, and everything else that could be made between decks.

  40. We were half in the rigging before the order came, and never since we left Boston were the gaskets off the yards, and the rigging overhauled, in a shorter time.

  41. Presently, the yards were alive with men, and the loose canvass was rolled up, and the gaskets passed.

  42. This did not happen, however, our gaskets and lashings doing all of their duty.

  43. For high pressure water lines wire inserted rubber gaskets are used, and for low pressure flanged joints canvas inserted rubber gaskets.

  44. For pressure above 160 pounds carrying superheated steam, corrugated steel gaskets extending the full available diameter inside of the bolt holes give good satisfaction.

  45. For oil lines special gaskets are necessary.

  46. Breakers ahead"--the words that sent us racing to the yards, to out knife and whip at the gaskets that held our saving power in leash.

  47. Let's go in; them gaskets will hold all right now--cum 'long.

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