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Example sentences for "geranium"

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  1. It is a common practice to use geranium plants which are in bloom during the winter for bedding out during the summer, but such plants are tall and ungainly in form and have expended the greater part of their energies.

  2. The common wild Cranesbill (Geranium maculatum) improves under cultivation, and is an attractive plant when it stands in front of taller foliage.

  3. A week after Paddy's death, Nell stood picking a few withered leaves from the geranium in the window, and her tears fell on the brilliant red flowers.

  4. Nell picked up the broken geranium and held it against her lips.

  5. Back of the house blossomed a little garden, the scarlet geranium covering almost the whole wall; from the garden the ground fell abruptly to the water, where a clump of willows and cotton-woods shaded a large cool spring.

  6. This strain was introduced into my garden in 1897, when I bought two plants under the name of Geranium pratense album, which however proved to belong to the striped variety.

  7. He discussed it in connection with the cranesbill of the Pyrenees (Geranium pyrenaicum).

  8. It was a pink sport of the European cranesbill, Geranium pratense.

  9. Mutative origin of Dahlia fistulosa, and Geranium praetense in the experiment-garden.

  10. What with the Verbenas and the Red Roses and the cheery coloured Ivy-Leaf Geranium called Jersey Beauty, in the Dutch garden, and the general ramp of Dorothy everywhere, it is a mass of pink.

  11. Make an infusion of geranium root, half an ounce in pint of boiling water, strain, cool, and give wine glass full three or four times a day.

  12. Next comes the wild geranium cranes bill, but as its petals fall rapidly, it is not as effective as sweet william, which will be a mass of delicate bloom for five weeks or more.

  13. Bruise the leaves of geranium and bind on the affected part.

  14. Palpitation of the Heart, Tea of Geranium Root for.

  15. For infantile diarrhea the root of geranium maculation or cranesbill, boiled in milk in the proportion of one or two roots to the pint, will be found of great service and is tasteless.

  16. The geranium root will be found to be an excellent remedy where female weakness has caused the palpitation of the heart.

  17. There isn't sun enough in this flat to keep a geranium alive," grumbled Miss Adams, who seemed determined to be lonely and faultfinding.

  18. Wouldn't you feel more friendly if you had a beautiful pink geranium growing in your window?

  19. We should think that to call a plant so dissimilar in foliage and flower a Geranium, would be a misnomer, why not equally such to call a Geranium a Pelargonium?

  20. The geranium bed is the most attractive one of my garden.

  21. A Geranium has ten stamens, and a Pelargonium has only seven (perfect ones).

  22. We shall in either case be rewarded by seeing vast sheets of the lovely meadow Crane's Bill, Geranium pratense, a true Geranium, and one of the sweetest flowers in the world.

  23. Now, however, the old name Geranium seems to be dropped for both, and the new name Pelargonium given to both, surely erroneously!

  24. I first make a green border of geranium leaves, or some trailing vine.

  25. It is a little more striking in color than John Denny, but both are just as lovely as a geranium can possibly be.

  26. Never had such unique beauty as this ever been seen in Geranium before, and, "Isn't it lovely!

  27. I saw a fence fifteen feet high, sixty-five feet long, covered with geranium vines that had clambered up one side, and then dropped down the other, filling both sides with a blanket of scarlet blossoms.

  28. Not a very cheering prospect for a lover of the beautiful, certainly, for the big kitchen, though as neat as wax, had nothing lovely in it, except a red geranium blooming at the window.

  29. Why, she touches up the old place better than a dozen flower-pots in full blow," said the farmer, as his eye went from the scarlet geranium to the bright young face so near his own.

  30. Oh, do not frown Upon this crown Of green pinks and blue geranium But think of me When this you see, And put it on your cranium.

  31. Geranium is common also in wet places, Stauntonia latifolia, Potentilla, Duchesnoides, Tussilago of Churra, on the confines of wood and on it.

  32. And then think of geranium and oleander trees just as common as our maples and loaded with flowers.

  33. And I pinted up at a gigantick trumpet creeper and convolvuli, festooned along the boughs of a giant geranium and hanging down its banner of bloom.

  34. Paint a stalk of geranium against a background, at some distance from you.

  35. All was silence when she ceased speaking, and from that day to this never has she heard lily or daisy, rose or geranium blossom, speak again.

  36. I came," said the pale pink geranium blossom, "from a cellar.

  37. Mignon was in a pet about something or other, and was moodily tearing a geranium leaf to pieces, which she had pulled out of the breakfast bouquet.

  38. The odorous breath of the geranium and sweet-briar loads the languid air with fragrant blessing.

  39. Blackberry root and cranesbill (Geranium Maculatum), in the form of fluid extract or infusion, are beneficial in acute cases in which the discharges are profuse and watery, and in the chronic forms of these affections.

  40. The hat belongs to a friend abroad, and is not to be moved until his safe return; but the geranium was presented not a week ago by my ever-faithful money.

  41. This geranium looks as if you had watched it a year; and this old gray hat, I suppose, you have hung above it for good luck.

  42. The country] would do splendidly for sheep, being thickly grassed with short fine grass, salt and blue bush, and geranium and other herbs.

  43. Oil of geranium is produced from the rose or oak-leaved geranium, cuttings of which are planted in well sheltered beds in October.

  44. Allied to the oil of geranium in odor are the products of the rose.

  45. Put some geranium leaves and violets in her dear hands, and upon her breast.

  46. He then breathed a sigh that shook the foilage of the speckled geranium near by, and killed an artificial caterpillar that hung on its branches.

  47. And that rose-coloured geranium is Lady Sutherland.

  48. A man was going along the street selling flowers in pots; his donkey-cart was covered with leaf and bloom, and with a geranium under each arm, he trudged onwards, bellowing.

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