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  1. Frequently they acted as agents for the teachers, who in their grammars advise prospective pupils to "inquire" at the bookseller's.

  2. He had probably not yet had time to master the intricacies of English pronunciation, although the whole book is written in English; and he also, no doubt, made free use of grammars written in France.

  3. Duwes was tutor to the king himself; and both were authors of grammars of the French language.

  4. While in England large numbers of grammars and other text-books were published, there is only one notice of the production of a similar work in Scotland during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

  5. Several grammars were likewise produced by Englishmen resident at Oxford, and teaching the French language.

  6. The works on French which appeared at Oxford were not all formal grammars of the type described.

  7. Wherby the learner may attain in few months to speak and write French correctly as they do now in the Court of France, and wherein all that is dark, superfluous and deficient in other grammars is plain, short and methodically supplied.

  8. In the meantime the production of French grammars in England continued uninterruptedly.

  9. Yet in the seventeenth century, when the French language became one of the chief preoccupations of polite society as well as of scholars, many grammars paid no attention to teaching the language to foreigners.

  10. He is much indebted to the grammars of Vaugelas and Chiflet, especially in his observations on letter-writing, on repetition of words, and on style.

  11. IV The Marquis Tudesco returned in due course, smiled at Mademoiselle Servien, who darted poisonous looks at him, greeted the bookbinder with a discreet air of patronage, and had a supply of grammars and dictionaries bought.

  12. Not but that there are other Grammars of real value, which it would be unjust either to ignore or to depreciate, and which have served, and are serving, an excellent purpose in connection with Celtic Literature.

  13. Thus in the English grammars, gender signifies a quality of the object named, while in other grammars it signifies a quality of the name given to the object.

  14. When there were terms already in use in the grammars of other languages that suited tolerably well the divisions which it was found requisite to make, I chose to adopt these, rather than load the treatise with novel or uncommon terms.

  15. In Reflections on the three English Grammars published in about a year last past.

  16. He also wrote Chinese grammars and dictionaries, and translated the Gospels into Mongolian, preparing also a dictionary of that language.

  17. It is remarkable that very little was yet known of the Indian languages, though grammars existed of the Tamul, and perhaps some others, before the close of the seventeenth century.

  18. This catalogue is not classed, but alphabetical; which James mentions as something new, remarking at the same time the difficulty of classification, and that in the German catalogues we find grammars entered under the head of philosophy.

  19. Will invest in grammars and dictionaries immediately.

  20. You would think a small music warehouse, a miniature tobacco shop, or branch depot of foreign grammars and dictionaries were before you.

  21. Among these may be mentioned the Latin grammars of Donatus (fl.

  22. Among the grammars was the Doctrinale of Alexander da Villa Dei, written in 1199.

  23. The Grecismus and Labyrinthus of Eberhard of Bethune (early thirteenth century), also grammars in rhyme, were widely used.

  24. Now, if we take up the common grammars of the English language as it is, we find, that, whilst my and thy are dealt with as genitive cases, mine and thine are considered adjectives.

  25. In the generality of grammars the definite article the, and the indefinite article an, are the very first parts of speech that are considered.

  26. Dictionaries and grammars were written to aid the beginner.

  27. They produced many works of literary criticism, prepared excellent grammars and dictionaries, but wrote very little poetry or prose of enduring value.

  28. That is worth all the grammars of rhetoric and logic in the world.

  29. Grammars of rhetoric and grammars of logic are among the most useless furniture of a shelf.

  30. The grammars were written in a barbarous Latin of inconceivably difficult style.

  31. But it is clear that no classification, on philological principles, can be successfully attempted until we possess comparatively full and reliable vocabularies and grammars of all the tribes, cognate and diverse.

  32. She was warm in her praises of the Interrogative System of some recent authors; and I found she was no stranger to the merits of the Universal Preceptor, and of the elementary Grammars of Geography, History, and Natural Philosophy.

  33. Humboldt states that there are twenty languages at present in Mexico, fourteen of which have grammars and dictionaries tolerably complete.

  34. He taught himself the Hebrew and German, with the aid only of grammars and lexicons; and, with the assistance of instructors, the reading of French.

  35. Our school grammars are the inheritance we have received from Greece and Rome.

  36. Such questions, it is clear, can only be answered by comparing the results gained by the comparative treatment of the grammars of various groups of language.

  37. The grammar of Donatus dominated the schools of the middle ages, and, along with the productions of Priscian, formed the type and source of the Latin and Greek school-grammars of modern Europe.

  38. Latin grammars were soon modelled upon it, and the attempt to translate the technical terms of the Greek grammarians into Latin was productive of numerous blunders which have been perpetuated to our own day.

  39. This fact sufficiently excuses the present addition to the stock; and as serious English Grammars have hitherto failed to effect the desired reformation, we are induced to attempt it by means of a Comic one.

  40. It is notorious that the above and greater enormities are perpetrated in spite of the number of Grammars already before the world.

  41. A dictionary was being compiled, and several grammars were in preparation.

  42. Here, too, the clearly marked lines of different strata seemed almost to challenge attention, and the pulses of former life were still throbbing in the petrified forms imbedded in grammars and dictionaries.

  43. But beyond this, all is still as hypothetical as it was twenty years ago, simply because we can get no grammars of the Munda dialects.

  44. That the Hebrew grammars give us the truest notions respecting these particular properties of vowels.

  45. How essential that their grammars should exhibit nothing that may hereafter be unlearned?

  46. A reference to the current Greek Grammars will indicate another reason for [sigma] being called suae potestatis litera.

  47. In the grammars of the classical languages, the following rule is exceptionable--Quodvis verbum admittit accusativum nominis sibi cognati.

  48. For these see the Hebrew Grammars and the Phoenicia of Gesenius.

  49. That the inference in favour of altering the system of the Greek grammars is illegitimate is most undeniably true; but then it is an inference of the critic's not of the author's.

  50. British Museum, and grammars and dictionaries have been published in Germany and in New York.

  51. Of the more important among them there are English grammars and dictionaries.

  52. These tongues, elaborated by the action of centuries, are still in use, especially with the lower classes, and many of them have a literature of their own, with grammars and dictionaries.

  53. These grammars are almost altogether made up of definitions which had become stereotyped.

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