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Example sentences for "hoeing"

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  1. She was to be whipped because she had not completed the required amount of hoeing for the day.

  2. Grandmother continued hoeing until she came to a fence; as the overseer reached out to grab her she snatched a fence railing and broke it across his arms.

  3. Mr. Day insisted upon Marty's finishing the hoeing of the potatoes, and it took almost a pitched battle to get the boy started.

  4. It was not long after this that Marty got tired of hoeing and threw down the implement altogether, to seek the shadow of the cherry tree in the fence corner.

  5. The father would go out and hoe when he could get work--every land-owner has hoeing to be done; but lately he had had fever.

  6. With this brief comment she made haste to set the dinner on the table and to call Hans from his own task of hoeing the driveway.

  7. So he fairly ran over the road to the gates of Deerhurst and worked off his troublesome emotion by hoeing every vestige of a weed from the broad driveways on its grounds.

  8. Sarah, being in a state of pregnancy, failed of executing her daily allotted task of hoeing cotton.

  9. The hoeing season commenced about the last of May.

  10. We next came upon some men, who were hoeing in a field of corn.

  11. After the beef was salted down, I received some bread and milk for my breakfast, and went to join the hands in the corn field, where they were now harrowing and hoeing the crop for the last time.

  12. Wheat and all Summer Grains are very good; so is the Grass; so the Indian Corn will be where it is not prevented by the vicious crowding of the plants and sugar-loaf hoeing of which I have frequently spoken.

  13. The gist of his proposed reform is expressed in the title of his book, "The Horse-hoeing Husbandry.

  14. With some tribes of British Central Africa the rising of the Pleiades early in the evening is the signal for the hoeing to begin.

  15. M70) The rites which accompany the sowing of the fields are no sooner over than those which usher in the hoeing begin.

  16. M85 Among many savage tribes the labour of hoeing the ground and sowing the seed devolves on women.

  17. M192) Ceremonies of a somewhat similar kind are performed by the Tarahumare Indians of Mexico not only at harvest but also at hoeing and ploughing.

  18. The first year, they only need to be kept clean of weeds by hoeing them with the potatoes.

  19. It will so smooth the surface, that hoeing and cultivating can be done without injury to the plants.

  20. They were all tended alike, needing little hoeing or care, the land being new.

  21. Many a promising plat of melons has been ruined by stirring the soil when they were wet, and hoeing around them after they had begun to run.

  22. Hoeing cabbages, corn, and similar smooth plants, when it rains slightly, is nearly equal to a coat of manure.

  23. We have known promising crops of vines nearly destroyed by hoeing when wet.

  24. The more frequent the hoeing while plants are young, the larger will be the crop.

  25. Corn neglected when small receives, thereby, an injury from which it will never recover; after-hoeing may help it, but never can fully restore it.

  26. After I was seventeen I did all kinds of hoeing and plowing and other farm work fer my marster.

  27. She does seasonal work, such as hoeing and picking cotton, of which she is still fully capable.

  28. The great benefit which a soil derives from a good tilth, in this respect, was one of the reasons why Tull's system of horse-hoeing husbandry was so successful in its results.

  29. The great success which he met with in this system of cultivation induced him to publish the results of his experiments in his famous work, 'Horse-Hoeing Husbandry.

  30. It is best to apply the nitrate of soda in two instalments--half at the time of seeding, and half as a top-dressing immediately after the first hand-hoeing of the roots.

  31. He accordingly published a work entitled 'Horse-hoeing Husbandry,' in which he advocated a system of thorough tillage.

  32. This theory, he informs us, was suggested to him by the custom, which he had noticed on the Continent, of growing vines in rows, and hoeing the intervals between these rows from time to time.

  33. Illustration] The Monday after school was out found Abbot in a pair of old overalls, hoeing away in his garden as if his life depended on getting rid of the last weed.

  34. So they concerted a plan of sneaking quietly around the house that they might come upon him suddenly, for they saw him working in his garden, hoeing up the weeds.

  35. So the children set off without another word, and were quickly diving among the old man's treasures, while the Captain went back to his garden to finish the hoeing of his cabbages.

  36. On some of them the superphosphate was scattered on both sides of the row, whence, by repeated hoeing and raking, with the aid of sundry rains, its finer particles found their way to the roots.

  37. Vegetables will improve more rapidly, be more healthy, and in better condition at maturity, by frequent hoeing than by frequent watering.

  38. If my female gardeners had been furnished with heavy and clumsy hoes and rakes, because such were cheap, their mere weight would have disgusted them with the business of hoeing and weeding.

  39. The good conferred upon the garden by hoeing and raking, was re-enacted here.

  40. It wasn't long before folks began going to church and you'd a dide laughing to see them all stop in front of where Ma was washing and look at her, and then go on to where Pa was hoeing weeds and stop and look at him, and then drive on.

  41. Well, Sunday morning came, and with it Saturday's daily paper, and Pa barely glanced it over as he got on his overalls and went out in his shirt sleeves a hoeing in the front garden.

  42. I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.

  43. Though it prevents my hoeing them, it is of far more worth than my hoeing.

  44. She led the corn hoeing and taught the older boys to do those things which were needful about the farm.

  45. The boys labored well and after the second corn hoeing in August the work was so far along that Enoch was able to accompany 'Siah Bolderwood on a hunting trip.

  46. The white who runs one plow, whose wife and children do the hoeing and picking, probably makes ten bales.

  47. Why, sir, that we should be all riding and walking along here over this moor, thinking about hoeing up and raking down people and mowing 'em off, instead of enjoying ourselves like Christians?

  48. The gardener stood looking after them till they disappeared through the great door of the Hall, and then went on hoeing up weeds very gently, as if he did not like to injure their tender fibres.

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