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  1. In such a Urodele as Amblystoma their homologues on the mandibular arch are used as supporting structures against a solid substratum exactly as are the limbs of the young Lepidosiren.

  2. It also gives the strongest kind of evidence that maternal and paternal homologues unite in synapsis and separate in maturation, leaving the ripe germ cells pure with regard to each pair of characters.

  3. Ethers of iso-glycerin, or of homologues of iso-glycerin, appear to occur.

  4. The familiar representation of Horus (and his homologues in India and elsewhere) being born from the lotus suggests that the flower represents his mother Hathor.

  5. But it is essentially and pre-eminently the symbol of rain; and the god who controls the rain, Chac of the Mayas, Tlaloc of the Aztecs, carried the axe and the thunderbolt like his homologues and prototypes in the Old World.

  6. But in every case the goddess is associated with many distinctive traits which reveal her identity with her homologues in Cyprus, Babylonia, and Egypt.

  7. The apple and the pomegranate became surrogates of the "love apple," and were graphically represented in forms hardly distinguishable from pots, occupying places which mark them out clearly as homologues of the Great Mother herself.

  8. Hantzsch has shown that aldehydes condense with aceto-acetic ester and ammonia to produce the homologues of pyridine, thus: R R | | ROOC.

  9. A demand for the higher homologues of benzene was thus created, and the higher boiling-point fractions of the light oil, which had been formerly used as solvent naphtha, became of value as sources of colouring-matters.

  10. This oil consists of a mixture of the higher homologues of phenol with various hydrocarbons and basic compounds.

  11. The latter do not however complete the enclosure of a lower canal, but this is effected by special independent elements, which are to be interpreted as homologues of the ribs.

  12. These lateral folds, then, are the homologues of Wolffian ridges, in embryos of higher forms.

  13. I have already suggested in this chapter that the homologues of these muscles are represented in Limulus by the veno-pericardial group of muscles.

  14. There is no question of the homologues of tail, head, and wings.

  15. In this figure those parts which are identified as homologues of the wings extend wholly across the interior of the food bowl, and have the forms of triangles with smaller triangular spurs at their bases.

  16. They are the homologues of the maxillary glands described for other Hemiptera, and it is by no means clear that they are concerned with the production of venom.

  17. Eysell has shown that, in addition, there is a pair of chitinous rods which he regards as the homologues of the maxillae.

  18. Karlsruhe, the letters patent also including the ring homologues of salicylic acid.

  19. The homologues of acetylene condense more readily; thus allylene, CH:C.

  20. Formic acid yields acridine, and the higher homologues give derivatives substituted at the meso carbon atom, FIG.

  21. They are of importance, since the higher homologues are identical in many cases with the ptomaines produced by the putrefactive action of some bacteria on albumen and other related substances.

  22. Acridine and its homologues are very stable compounds of feebly basic character.

  23. Spencer seems to deny serial homology to the mollusca, but it is difficult to see why the shell segments of chiton are not such homologues because the segmentation is superficial.

  24. Examples of such homologues are the ribs, or joints of the backbone of{160} a horse, or the limbs of a centipede.

  25. Serial homologues so formed might be called, as Mr. Ray Lankester has proposed, "homoplastic.

  26. The homologues of the other eight pieces of the vertebra must accordingly be sought in the external appendages.

  27. The homologues of the gill-slits Semper finds in two little canals in the head of Chætogaster, which open from the pharynx to the exterior.

  28. He considered that the mandibles and first maxillæ of Arthropods were the homologues of the upper and lower jaws of Vertebrates, adducing as confirmatory evidence the fact that in snakes the rami are separate.

  29. Cuvier held, for example, that many of the muscles and even the bones of fish were peculiar to them, and without homologues in the other Vertebrates, having been created by Nature for special ends.

  30. In these Rathke was inclined to see the homologues of his trabeculæ, and of the parachordals which he was ready to assume from his embryological observations.

  31. He is quite clear that the maxillipedes of Crustacea are the homologues of the feet of Hexapoda.

  32. Geoffroy's next step is to point out that the only possible homologues of sternal ribs are the branchiostegal rays, which arise from the large bones of the hyoid arch.

  33. The first members of the series are combustible gases of pungent odour, and easily soluble in water; the higher homologues are fluids; and the still higher members solids.

  34. The two digits of the ruminants represent the third and fourth fingers of the human hand; the two lateral digits, greatly atrophied, are the homologues of the second and fifth fingers; the thumb is not present.

  35. These three portions are the homologues of the carpus, the metacarpus, and the fingers, which, as we have already seen in the case of the hand, are the osseous groups which form its skeleton.

  36. The first muscles usually presented for study to artists being the pectorals, it is their homologues that we will first describe here.

  37. This surface terminates externally in two processes, which are the homologues of the external orbital processes of the human frontal bone.

  38. Tables are given showing the formulæ for the homologues of ethylene and marsh gas resulting from the increase in regular gradation of the same constituents.

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