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Example sentences for "humiliates"

Lexicographically close words:
humidum; humilde; humili; humiliate; humiliated; humiliating; humiliation; humiliations; humilis; humiliter
  1. The sole revenge you can bestow takes the form which most humiliates me, --to revenge is to pardon.

  2. Miss Digby, I can scarcely command words to say what it so humiliates me to have heard.

  3. She humiliated herself going to support Belgium; she humiliates herself hurrying to support Serbia; she humiliates herself mourning so much for Armenia.

  4. If the accident which humiliates her had not happened, how she would have made the poor Chevalier suffer!

  5. A woman estimable in all respects is too subduing, humiliates you too much, for you to love her long.

  6. He did not come to us with a professional mission of teaching sectarian creeds; he had not in his nature the least trace of that self-sufficiency of goodness, which humiliates by gifts the victims of its insolent benevolence.

  7. Yet in our political agitations we conveniently forget that any unnaturalness in the relationship of governors and governed which humiliates us, becomes an outrage when it is artificially fixed under the threat of military persecution.

  8. On the other hand, a relationship of pure utility humiliates man—it ignores the rights and needs of his deeper nature; it feels no compunction in maltreating and killing things of beauty that can never be restored.

  9. It humiliates me to think that I am of the same age as that baldy.

  10. Besides this, many religious houses arose at the time when the order called the Humiliates were manifesting extraordinary activity.

  11. Justin Cutler to himself, "it humiliates her to think of selling her jewels--of course it must.

  12. He humiliates me before other people and--and sometimes I wish I was dead, Millie, God forgive me.

  13. Laughs at me," she cried shrilly, answering her own question, "and humiliates me before the neighbours.

  14. Thus the moral law inevitably humiliates every man when he compares with it the sensual tendency of his nature.

  15. That which, in our own judgment, derogates from our self-conceit, humiliates us.

  16. It may be an arrogant thought, but unlike most boasts it at once humiliates and ennobles, humiliates by the consciousness of what is, ennobles by the vision of what might be.

  17. The sole revenge you can bestow takes the form which most humiliates me,--to revenge is to pardon.

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