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Example sentences for "hydrophobic"

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  1. It is not impossible, since Jenner found the vaccine virus, Pasteur the hydrophobic lymph and now Koch the tubercle lymph.

  2. We made the acquaintance of the Hydrophobic Skunk when we rode down Hermit Trail.

  3. I never was so disappointed in my life because it wasn't a Hydrophobic Skunk at all.

  4. You would think Nature had done amply well by the skunk; but no--the Hydrophobic Skunk comes along and upsets all these calculations.

  5. Cobb THE Hydrophobic Skunk resides at the extreme bottom of the Grand CaƱon and, next to a Southern Republican who never asked for a Federal office, is the rarest of living creatures.

  6. Defn: Of or pertaining to hydrophobia; producing or caused by rabies; as, hydrophobic symptoms; the hydrophobic poison.

  7. You go down Hermit Trail, which its middle name is thrills; and there you make the acquaintance of the Hydrophobic Skunk.

  8. The Hydrophobic Skunk is a creature of such surpassing accomplishments and vivid personality that I feel he is entitled to a new chapter.

  9. The Hydrophobic Skunk will be continued in our next.

  10. He raised up and in the moonlight recognized the only thing on earth he was afraid of--the "hydrophobic skunk.

  11. They could believe in the hydrophobic skunks or the Black Bottle kept in the county hospital to get rid of the old and useless, but not in a Santa Claus like Albert Johnson.

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