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Example sentences for "iconic"

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  1. Also mentioned was the fact that these are quite close to what they actually refer to (as indexical signs), or to what they depict based on a relation of similarity (as iconic signs).

  2. But this is not reading the language; it is reading the natural world from which the notation was extracted, reconstituting the reference based on the iconic convention.

  3. Research undertaken in the last 15 years shows that at a certain stage, aphasia brings on a regression from alphabet to image reading as design, as pictographic, iconic reading.

  4. In the first place, what we are accustomed to call higher religions deliberately attach greater sanctity to aniconic gods than to iconic ones, and that from no artistic incapacity.

  5. The iconic age everywhere succeeded to an era in which the objects of worship were aniconic, e.

  6. She is the invariant of each of her iconic Mantrams and her surroundings are the variables that enter and leave the screen.

  7. So, in your concepts, what results is an iconic Mantram.

  8. If Lana had taken my picture without my knowing it and I had never seen one of her collection of portraits, nor ever heard of an iconic Mantram, I would have absolutely nothing to go on to suspect the truth that I know.

  9. It takes the camera to fix you, so that you are an iconic invariant in the Mantram.

  10. In no other way could those effigies have been produced whose iconic character is obvious at first sight, effigies to which a contemporary would have put a name without the slightest hesitation.

  11. There is no striving for that suppleness of limb and variety of pose which the Greeks contrived to obtain even in their Iconic figures.

  12. It has been thought that the features resemble those of Her Hor himself,[410] and therefore that it was carved in his reign; they certainly are not those of Rameses, and yet the iconic nature of the head is very strongly marked.

  13. Iconic imitation is confined to an individuum or model, whose parts it delineates according to their character and essence, already distinguishing the native and inherent, from the accidental and adventitious parts.

  14. Imitation is properly divided into Iconic and Ideal.

  15. But without some corroborative evidence it is hardly safe to take these as genuine examples of early iconic worship.

  16. The subject of iconic development of this kind is well summarised in E.

  17. The passage is interesting as showing how natural it was for a Roman of the Graeco-Roman period to suppose that his deities must be capable of taking iconic form.

  18. The archaic statues lately found on the Acropolis at Athens seem also to have, if not the same iconic character, at any rate the same symbolic meaning.

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