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  1. He could despise her iconoclasm and still utilize its intelligence to aid him in his climb.

  2. His iconoclasm increased as if inspired by the length of the minister's harangue.

  3. Toward life no iconoclasm is possible, for even that which is in opposition to its beauty and horror must of necessity be a part of them.

  4. Iconoclasm is easy and warming under an electric light in one's study.

  5. The iconoclasm in literature in our time is objective rather than subjective; and attention to the spirit of the age will give a practical comprehension of this iconoclastic spirit.

  6. The spirit of iconoclasm rested, not with the authority of the book, but assailed the geographic and topographical features.

  7. This iconoclasm has nowhere more fully displayed itself than in its attitude toward the Bible.

  8. It is thus evident that iconoclasm abounds, and there will be no marvel if it have a place in literature.

  9. Iconoclasm has performed its task as best it could, and finds its labor lost.

  10. In fact so widespread is the unlicensed and unrebuked iconoclasm of the day that a great disgust is being born in the hearts of the pioneers.

  11. We return now with proud and tranquil ease to the beginning of this tale, to the phenomenon of a tolerated literary iconoclasm in a land alive with caterwaulings of virtue.

  12. Henceforward Iconoclasm began to lose ground in the West; and soon entirely disappeared, until revived in the sixteenth century.

  13. They regard all this iconoclasm with a mild curiosity quite in contrast to their intense and personal interest in science generally.

  14. The restless iconoclasm of a Liszt was now united, in a close personal and poetic league, with the new ideas of Wagner's later drama.

  15. One of the most charming instances of this iconoclasm is the music of Claude Débussy.

  16. Thus we know that the monks in the East became the more passionately devoted to their image-worship, because Iconoclasm savoured so much of Mohammedanism.

  17. Carlstadt’s violent doings at Wittenberg and the iconoclasm which he justified by the Mosaic prohibition of graven images, had miscarried owing to Luther’s warnings.

  18. One gathers from the complacency of his manner that his iconoclasm is its own reward.

  19. But the old ritual was for a time legally revived, and the hand of iconoclasm was stayed.

  20. In England they completed the work of confiscation, carried iconoclasm a step farther, and made Protestant reforms in the religious system, the last in conjunction with foreign reformers.

  21. The pope was threatened by the barbarians, neglected by the emperors who reigned at Constantinople, and at last was in actual conflict with those who tried to impose Iconoclasm upon the Church.

  22. He defined the "worship" of the icons as all based upon the worship of Christ, and attacked iconoclasm as involving ultimately an assault upon the doctrine of the Incarnation.

  23. Iconoclasm and the independence of the popes alike worked against the unity of Christendom.

  24. The usual scenes of mad iconoclasm were enacted, windows broken, altars thrown down, lead stripped off the roof, brasses and effigies defaced and broken.

  25. The usual scenes of mad iconoclasm were enacted--stained glass windows broken, altars thrown down, lead stripped from the roof, brasses and effigies defaced and broken.

  26. At the Reformation iconoclasm raged with unpitying ferocity.

  27. A few stones or ruins mark the site of others, and iconoclasm has left such enduring marks on the fabric of many that remain that it is difficult to read their story and history.

  28. In spite of iconoclasm and vandalism there remains in England a vast number of pre-Norman crosses, and it will be possible to refer only to the most noted and curious examples.

  29. The uprising of the people against the Regent and the Prelates was characterised, as in France and the Low Countries, with an outbreak of iconoclasm which did no good to the Protestant cause.

  30. In August, 1566, a furious outburst of iconoclasm swept through the churches of Flanders.

  31. Granted that ignorant superstition may have tainted the veneration in which our fathers' holy and beautiful houses were held 400 years ago, the iconoclasm which devastated them was not the remedy for it.

  32. The truth is, there is too much unnecessary iconoclasm abroad in regard to historic characters.

  33. But Iconoclasm suffered defeat at the Seventh General Council, 787, in which the doctrinal system of the East was completed.

  34. In 787 at Nicæa, a council was called at a safe distance and Iconoclasm was condemned.

  35. I have tried again and again to point out the iconoclasm that is constantly necessary to avoid the distraction that comes of idolizing our own methods of thought.

  36. Now since he stands generally some twenty years behind the pioneer and about six months ahead of the majority, we may rest assured that this much-needed iconoclasm is in process of achievement.

  37. It was currently asserted that the immediate origin of Iconoclasm was due to the Khalif Yezed, who had completed the destruction of the Syrian images, and to two Jews, who stimulated Leo the Isaurian to his task.

  38. Such was the issue of Iconoclasm in the East.

  39. Sidenote: Resumption of Iconoclasm by the succeeding emperors.

  40. Iconoclasm had now become a struggle between the emperors and the monks.

  41. The example of these was quickly followed, and iconoclasm became rife in the place.

  42. After the taking of Mecca and the victory of Honain there appears to have been a general desire, extending even to the extreme south of Arabia, to make the best terms with the conqueror so soon as possible; iconoclasm became general.

  43. Iconoclasm for its own sake is sheer waste.

  44. We have now before us the stormy eloquence of Pole, the iconoclasm of Latimer, the superstitions of the complaining clergy--representing three principles struggling one against the other, and the voice of the pilot heard above the tempest.

  45. Superstition on one side, and iconoclasm on the other, had dethroned reason, and raised imagination to its place; and no sagacity at such times could anticipate for an hour the form of the future.

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