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  1. Sprinkle over with grated cocoanut, or decorate with pink icing put through a forcing-bag.

  2. Put remaining chocolate with the icing sugar in pan with a tablespoonful water.

  3. This cocoanut cream, which is put up in tablets, is exceedingly useful for almost every variety of pudding, icing for cakes, &c.

  4. You can see, Marta, how easy it is, if your icing is always ready and you have preserves, to have a plate of very pretty cakes in a few minutes.

  5. Now the other portion of icing was put in a bowl, melted to cream in boiling water, a few drops of cochineal added to it, and a few drops (very few) of almond flavoring.

  6. She had gathered the icing from the cups and spoon and worked it between her hands into a little shining ball, simply to show Marta what could be done if more had been left.

  7. That is for icing cakes, and as it will keep just so for months, it is always ready.

  8. If the icing gets too stiff, set over hot water or thin with a trifle of lemon or other fruit juice, or hot water.

  9. Maple Syrup Icing and Filling= Boil A3/4-1 cup of maple syrup until it will form a soft ball in cold water.

  10. Use some of the juice with confectioneraEuro(TM)s sugar for icing the top and sides of the cake.

  11. If a cake is well baked, the icing only hides its beauty, and the excessive sweetness destroys the flavors of the finest cake.

  12. White of Egg Icing with Lemon Juice= white of 1 egg 1 cup powdered sugar 1 tablespn.

  13. More icing is quickly made if you do not have enough.

  14. The icing made from confectioneraEuro(TM)s sugar is the most satisfactory.

  15. Prepare the icing some little time before it is to be used and set on ice.

  16. Cover the top of the cake with coffee icing with cream.

  17. Use plenty of icing on top of last layer and sprinkle well with cocoanut.

  18. Icing of cream and confectioneraEuro(TM)s sugar, tinted with pink.

  19. The icing is sometimes made by mixing the water and egg without beating and stirring the sugar in, making a smoother and more tender frosting.

  20. If we can't, we'll tow the icing cakes behind," said Roy.

  21. He had not pictured them as travelling on their private islands surrounded by mammoth icing cakes five stories high, and towers of chocolate.

  22. This was flanked by two gorgeous icing cakes, one white and one brown.

  23. Before serving, sprinkle with a little powdered sugar, or if desired, ice with white icing with grated cocoanut sprinkled on top.

  24. Chopped nuts may be added while icing is still soft.

  25. Cover top and sides with either white or chocolate icing page 17.

  26. Cover with maple icing page 17 and while still soft sprinkle with chopped nuts.

  27. Put together with cream filling and cover top and sides with white icing page 17.

  28. While hot, brush over with thin icing made with 1/2 cup confectioner's sugar moistened with 1 tablespoon hot water.

  29. Moisten the paste with a packet of Nelson's Albumen dissolved in three teaspoonfuls of cold water, and spread it evenly on the cake, allowing it to become dry and firm before spreading the icing over it.

  30. As soon as the icing is spread on the cake it must be dried in an oven with the door open.

  31. No icing can be successfully done unless the sugar is of the finest kind, perfectly white, and so finely sifted as hardly to be distinguished by the eye from potato-flour.

  32. If too great heat is used the icing will crack.

  33. For icing large cakes confectioners use a stand which has a revolving board, so that cakes can conveniently be turned about; failing this, an ordinary board or inverted plate can be made to answer.

  34. Place the other layer carefully on the top and spread Quick Cake Icing over the top and sides of the cake.

  35. A large white cake, uncut, was one of the chief decorations, for halves of red cherries were placed together on it to represent a bunch of cherries, while tiny lines of chocolate icing represented the stems.

  36. Beat vigorously and continuously until the icing gets thick and creamy.

  37. When cool, cover with the icing and cut into twelve pieces.

  38. Shape with a tiny biscuit cutter, and put together in pairs with mountain cream icing between and on top.

  39. Just before the icing is ready to spread, add quartered marshmallows.

  40. Place the icing on the top layer and on the sides.

  41. If icing gets too hard to spread, add a little warm water and keep beating.

  42. Served with the ice cream was a large round white cake decorated very elaborately with icing bells and holly.

  43. Cakes with raspberry jelly or jam should be iced pink, coloring the icing with prepared cochineal or cranberry juice.

  44. The easiest way is to ice each half cake before putting in the jelly; when the icing is hard spread with jelly, and put together.

  45. Those with peach may have white icing, flavored with almond, or with rum, beating in a little more sugar if the flavoring dilutes your icing too much.

  46. The process of icing is difficult to do after they are put together, but they are much handsomer this way, and keep longer.

  47. Make the paste into small balls, then take more sugar and make it into icing with a spoonful of Santa Cruz rum and half the white of an egg.

  48. If you have different sorts of jelly, put each separate, as you must adapt the flavor of your icing to the jelly.

  49. Recipes for icing are so general that I refer you to your cookery book.

  50. Try if it hardens, if not, beat in more sugar and color it a bright pink, then dip each ball in the pink icing and harden on wax paper.

  51. A naturalist might have scorned the cow, but there was no mistaking the Diamond H brand in red icing that was the finishing touch on the animal's hip.

  52. In a few seconds they emerged, Donnie proudly bearing a bit of cake crudely decorated with white icing and a tiny red candle that had burnt low.

  53. She made a cake for me with white icing and six little red candles; and Juan bought a mouthorgan for me when he was in Willcox, and he is going to show me how to play on it when Daddy isn't home, so the noise won't make him nervous.

  54. A five-strand fence bounded the edge of the cake; a small white cabin loomed in the centre, with a desperate attempt at a cow in icing beside it.

  55. Beaming, he deposited it upon the center-table, and as they drew near, they saw it was a cake with white icing that loomed almost two feet high.

  56. The powdered sugar sold for icing cakes will do.

  57. Set them in a cool oven till the icing becomes firm and of a pale brownish tint.

  58. Heap on each cake, with a spoon, a pile of the icing over the currant-jelly.

  59. COCOA ICING When the child has followed this recipe several times successfully, she can then try baking it in two cake tins.

  60. NUT CAKE If desired, when the loaf is cool, it can be iced also, with a white icing, and it will look attractive if a few nut meats are scattered over the top before the icing hardens.

  61. In spreading, if the icing does not go on as smoothly as desired the silver knife used for spreading can occasionally be dipped in a glass of cold water.

  62. If the candy happens to be taken off too soon, the icing will not get thick, and in that event it can be made the right consistency by the addition of a little confectioner's sugar.

  63. Then by simply changing her icing she can have as many different kinds as the family desire.

  64. This is a good icing for layer cakes, fancy cakes, and eclairs.

  65. If the icing is prepared before the cake is ready, cover it with a wet cloth, as it quickly hardens.

  66. Cakes iced with chocolate or with boiled icing may be ornamented with fine lines of royal icing.

  67. Stand them on end around the outside of a cylindrical mold, and carefully stick the edges together with sugar cooked to the crack, or with royal icing (see page 483).

  68. One egg will take about a cupful of sugar, and will make enough icing to cover one cake.

  69. Points may be pricked in the flat icing at regular intervals as a guide.

  70. Place royal icing in a pastry bag having a tube with small opening.

  71. Put into a pastry bag some of the frosting, made a little stiffer with sugar, and place two dots of icing on each slice.

  72. Bake it in a moderate oven; while it is still warm spread it with royal icing (see page 483).

  73. Cover the top with a soft royal icing made of confectioners' sugar and flavored the same as the filling.

  74. Tubes of various-shaped openings are made to give different forms to the icing pressed through them.

  75. Chocolate icing loses its gloss when at all stale.

  76. Signorina, what would you do if you wanted a cake, oh, such a beautiful cake, all white icing and lovely sugar outside .

  77. And you wanted it--because the icing was so marvelous and the sugar so sweet.

  78. For the icing use the whites of three eggs and one pound confectioners' sugar, flavored with vanilla.

  79. When done, have ready icing made not quite so stiff as for the tops of cake; three eggs will make enough.

  80. The Royal Bun Band headed By a pound cake drummer man, Came tooting down the central street And after it there ran A flock of Scotch and Dutch cakes, Twenty cookies and a roll, While all the orange icing bells Began to peal and toll.

  81. Put over boiling water, stirring continually until icing grates slightly on bowl.

  82. To make icing for your wedding cake, beat the whites of eggs to an entire froth, and to each egg add five teaspoonfuls of sifted loaf sugar, gradually; beat it a great while.

  83. This icing must be very thick when made, and if is seems thin put in more sugar.

  84. Marshmallow Filling Chop a quarter of a pound of marshmallows; put them over the teakettle to get soft; make a plain icing and beat them in.

  85. Chocolate Icing Melt one square of Baker's chocolate in a saucer over the teakettle, and put in two tablespoonfuls of milk and stir till smooth.

  86. Plain Icing Put the white of one egg into a bowl with a half-teaspoonful of water, and beat till light.

  87. Donald Campbell Mix with boiled icing one ounce each of citron, candied cherries, seedless raisins, pineapple and almonds cut very fine.

  88. To this icing add one cupful of chopped raisins, one cupful of nutmeats (pecans preferred) and five figs cut into very thin strips.

  89. Long beating makes this icing spongy and white.

  90. FRUIT ICING Into one-fourth cupful of orange, lemon or other strained fruit juice rub as much sifted confectioner's sugar as will form a smooth, glossy icing; it must be thick enough to be applied without running.

  91. This makes enough icing for top and sides of cake.

  92. QUICK ICING Miss Shay Four tablespoonfuls butter creamed, add six tablespoonfuls sugar; spread on cake, using a knife dipped in hot water to make it smooth.

  93. If there are two sets of favors hidden in the cake, there is a mark in the icing to distinguish the bridesmaids' side from that of the ushers.

  94. The next step was in making richer cake; then icing it, and the last instead of having it broken over her head, the bride broke it herself into small pieces for the guests.

  95. Icing 4 cups sugar 1/2 pint hot water 4 eggs beaten citric acid about size of pea vanilla Boil water and sugar until it threads.

  96. To prevent icing from cracking when it cuts add a teaspoon sweet cream to each unbeaten egg.

  97. When boiling syrup for icing add a pinch of cream of tartar.

  98. Icing 1 coffee cup sugar 2 Eggs 2 tablespoons butter 2 lemons (juice) Beat all together and boil until it jellies.

  99. Ice top with boiled icing flavored with one tablespoon of mocha extract.

  100. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "icing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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