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Example sentences for "icicles"

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  1. Water trickles down the tent poles and only forms icicles in contact with the snow floor.

  2. Incidentally big icicles formed upon the ponies' noses during the march and Chinaman used Wright's windproof blouse as a handkerchief.

  3. The top of the gully was blocked up by a great cube of rock, dripping still where the icicles had just been broken off.

  4. Battling desperately with the huge icicles that threatened me at every step, I forced my way through the snow bridge and breathed again.

  5. One night we slept in a refrigerator car, where I felt as if icicles were forming on my spine.

  6. On their beards the spiked icicles glistened.

  7. The inside of this chilly abode was divided into several compartments of every fantastic shape; in some the glittering icicles hung like curtains from the roof; in others the vault was smooth as glass.

  8. In one of the largest compartments the icicles had reached the floor, and gave the idea of pillars supporting the roof.

  9. The breakers were right beneath her bows, She drifted a dreary wreck, And a whooping billow swept the crew Like icicles from her deck.

  10. Often their tresses, when shaken, with pendent icicles tinkle, And their whitened beards shine with the gathering frost.

  11. Moroz Treskum went into the bath room, blew into one corner, blew in another--in a moment icicles were hanging there.

  12. The Tcheremisses have similar ideas, and are afraid of knocking the icicles off their houses, thinking that, if they do so, Frost will wax wroth and freeze them to death.

  13. These icicles provided shelter, and when we had spread our sails below them, with the assistance of oars, we had quarters that, in the circumstances, had to be regarded as reasonably comfortable.

  14. The icicles overhanging our cave were melting down in streams and we had to move smartly when passing in and out lest we should be struck by falling lumps.

  15. Great icicles hung from the rafters above him, and his tiny hands were blue with cold, but he was contentedly and silently piling up the wood on the frozen ground.

  16. It was many degrees colder here, and the long iron nails that kept the boards together overhead had sparkling icicles on them that glittered as the firelight from the inner room touched them, and she could hardly draw her breath.

  17. There were some heavy icicles overhanging the Great Wall, and Linforth looked at them anxiously.

  18. Snow lay where yesterday the rocks had shone grey and ruddy brown in the sunlight, and against the great wall here and there icicles were hung.

  19. The icicles ceased to drip, but one or two broke and fell with a weak tinkling.

  20. Scarcely a sound occurred, except for the little shuddering and stirring of the fire, and the reluctant, infrequent drip from the icicles along the sunny edge of the log hut roof.

  21. We'd be stiff and stark as icicles in no time if we were to let the fires go out.

  22. The roofs of the town were partly brown, partly white; icicles hung lengthening from the eaves.

  23. The child picked up a few icicles and put them carefully into her pocketbook for future reference.

  24. They also hung numbers of glittering icicles on the boughs and twigs.

  25. The grass crunches under foot, and in the morning the elms are white with rime; icicles hang from the thatch, and the ponds are frozen.

  26. The morning broke bright, clear and cold, icicles depending from the trees, snow heaped high on every side, too high to admit of moving more than a few paces from their sheltered nook.

  27. Ah, this looks comfortable," said Kenneth, shaking off the icicles and drawing near the fire.

  28. On reaching the further shore, he shook the water off him, but before long his trousers froze like boards, and the water formed in icicles about the cape.

  29. We took our way carefully and cautiously across the great Glacier des Bossons, over yawning and terrific crevices and among imposing crags and buttresses of ice which were fringed with icicles of gigantic proportions.

  30. We were not long in pitching our tents and building several fires to thaw off the icicles that clung to our faces; then we felt much more enthusiastic over our prospects.

  31. The temperature this morning registered 30 degrees below zero, and even while we were engaged tying the sleigh ropes, long icicles formed at our chins and dripped from our eyelashes.

  32. Every rope and stay seemed made of frosted silver, while great icicles hung everywhere around.

  33. But the only fairies were the sailors, and every one of these looked like a very old man, because heads and beards were white with frost and snow, and little icicles hung round their hats.

  34. When we stooped over the brim and looked down, it had the appearance of a dark-blue grotto with walls of polished glass, and long icicles hung down from the edges.

  35. Owing to the reflections of the sky and water, everything in the grotto is blue, and stalactites hang like icicles from the roof and walls.

  36. It is the post; and the courier enters covered with snow and with icicles on his beard.

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