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Example sentences for "idlest"

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idleness; idlenesse; idler; idlers; idlesse; idling; idly; ido; idol; idola
  1. He had fancied that searching and inquisitive glances were directed towards him, and that there was a change in the demeanour of certain men of his troop, these being without exception the idlest and worst soldiers.

  2. Balzac was considered the idlest and most pathetic boy in his division, and was continually punished.

  3. Naturally this precocity of intellect caused brain fatigue, though this would never have been suspected by the Fathers of their idlest pupil.

  4. On my honour, I will be a soldier, for 'tis the idlest life I know, and only fit for a woman.

  5. The administration would have been overthrown in a week, and to form a cabinet on such a basis as was here proposed would be the idlest experiment that ever was tried.

  6. It requires leisure, and that sense of the value of talk which has grown rarer in the hurry of a generation in which the idlest people affect to be busy, and those who do nothing at all are in a bustle from morning till night.

  7. From a foal upwards this remarkable animal had been the idlest and most sluggish of his race.

  8. At such times he would gladly have changed beings with the idlest and emptiest of his fellow-workmen; their life might be ignoble, but it had abundance of enjoyment.

  9. Never in her idlest moment had she strayed into a thought of this.

  10. People often do the idlest acts of their lifetime in their heaviest and most anxious moments; so that it would have been no wonder had Miriam been impelled only by so slight a motive of curiosity as we have indicated.

  11. Such communicable trees should stand together, commenting on passing events, booming in unison with the cyclone, and mimicking the tenderest tones of the idlest wind.

  12. Did it not suggest the sanctuary of some wood-nymph chanting never so faint a death psalm--a monotone which the idlest zephyr might still?

  13. And her husband was a man incapable of understanding her idlest thought.

  14. It is the idlest trifling with words to say one will do this or that, when action in no way depends on one's own calmer thought.

  15. It is necessary to the full enjoyment of these journeys that they should be made in summer-time, for then the retired spots that I love to haunt, are at their idlest and dullest.

  16. And so, with the watch aloft setting all the sails, and with the screw below revolving at a mighty rate, and occasionally giving the ship an angry shake for resisting, I fell into my idlest ways, and lost myself.

  17. He was under the necessity of teaching and translating from the classics, to eke out his scanty means, yet was generally expected to have more time to spare than the idlest person in the parish, and more money than the richest.

  18. But as to the time, the duration, of this cosmogony, it is the idlest of notions that the Scriptures either have or could have condescended to human curiosity upon so awful a prologue to the drama of this world.

  19. So time passed on: you affected to have conquered your attachment; you affected to take pleasure in levity and the idlest pursuits of worldly men.

  20. They tell me you are the idlest boy in the school; that you are always beating your brother Gerald, and making a scurrilous jest of your mother or myself.

  21. The night I undertook to convert the idlest man in the northern hemisphere?

  22. Incidentally he is the idlest and most sociable man in Europe, and gets (and gives) more amusement out of life than any one I know.

  23. Show me which of us two, your class or mine, live the idlest lives and have the most to live on without earning it.

  24. This you, O Timotheus, may call philosophy: to me it appears the idlest of curiosity; for every other kind may teach us something, and may lead to more beyond.

  25. Your mere wish shall be as a sorcerer's wand, to bring you the thing of your idlest desire.

  26. It was the idlest chance, Duchesse, I assure you.

  27. The idlest reader would find it convenient to have it within reach.

  28. It was my fate to fall among the idlest set in the mine.

  29. I'm the idlest man in the world at the present moment.

  30. When my brewery is really going, I mean to brew all night; but just at present I'm the idlest man in Baslehurst.

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