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Example sentences for "earning"

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  1. That king who protects his kingdom himself and shows favour to his subjects (in the matter of taxes and imposts) and supports himself upon what is easily obtained, succeeds in earning many grand results.

  2. As one desirous of earning the fruits of knowledge should set oneself to the acquisition of knowledge, even so one desirous of earning the fruits of Righteousness should set oneself to the acquisition of Righteousness.

  3. The senses of knowledge, even if they succeed in earning all their objects, never succeed in overwhelming the man that is without thirst.

  4. By earning wealth through righteous means, one succeeds in attaining to many desirable fruits.

  5. A person may be seen to live who abstains from all works (for earning the means of his living) and who is well-content with whatever is got without exertion.

  6. Having procreated children in due time and married them when they become young men, and having ascertained them to be competent for earning their livelihood, do thou free thyself from all attachments and rove about in happiness.

  7. Indeed, he should ascertain whether his conduct is or is not generally praised, or, is or is not acceptable to the people of the provinces, and whether he has or has not succeeded in earning a good name in his kingdom.

  8. They never followed their own understandings in the matter of earning merit but followed the dictates of the scriptures alone for that end.

  9. The man without attachments, no longer cherishing any desire for earning wealth, can sleep happily.

  10. I shall, therefore, retire into the woods from desire of earning merit.

  11. A king whose resources are increasing, who is compassionate unto all creatures, who never loses any time by procrastination, and who is careful in protecting, his own self, succeeds in earning advancement.

  12. Even men of restrained senses, of cleverness, and of intelligence, if destitute of acts, never succeed in earning any fruits.

  13. He tells the tale of a city with few fires; for who could now imagine a man earning a living by bawling "Small Coals" from door to door, without any supply but that in the sack which he carries on his shoulders?

  14. Yet I forbore to prosecute her father for her sake: and for her sake I am an outcast from home, a mere usher in a school, earning my daily bread in the outskirts of this city!

  15. Here am I, ill through overwork, and earning lots of money, and you ask me to help a girl who is ill from want of work and want of money!

  16. She would sell her pictures, at first for low prices which would tempt purchasers; they would be liked, orders would pour in, she would raise her prices, earning more and more money.

  17. I also have a most excellent reason for earning money.

  18. But, besides the able-bodied paupers, there were a great number not absolutely unable or unwilling to do something for their livelihood, and yet prevented by age or circumstances from wholly earning their own living.

  19. She took up and dropped one lover after another without a thought, thus earning the reputation of a flirt and feather-brain.

  20. The man thought himself well paid, remembering that only six years ago he was earning but twelve hundred and fifty.

  21. An astonishingly small percentage of those that went into business, as they said, made a success, if we except the large manufacturers, but in spite of that it was a popular way of earning a livelihood.

  22. Is she not doing as much as I am toward earning the bread for the family?

  23. One occupation after another became available, and it was no longer a disgrace or hardly a peculiarity for women to be earning their living instead of depending for support on their fathers or brothers.

  24. In every strike a large part of the men, earning small wages and with families dependent on these wages for their bread from one day to another, would be obliged to quit work against their will.

  25. He was, indeed, impatient for the time to come when he could be earning something to pay up his debt to Squire Hudson, and so relieve his father from the additional burden assumed for his sake.

  26. And how much were you earning in Boston--a thousand dollars?

  27. He may treat himself occasionally to the kisses of Tottie Pringle, but he is not the man to allow kissing to interfere with his prospect of earning a competence.

  28. These gentlemen received him coldly at first, suspecting from his appearance that he wanted to get a chance of earning £400 a year as a member of Parliament, and hoped to persuade them to find him a constituency.

  29. However, I felt very glad that he saw no impossibility in my earning my own livelihood, or even anything very unusual in my situation.

  30. I know that Donald--or Philip--would lend me a little money until the time when I get to earning it for myself, if I should ask them.

  31. No one guessed that they were spent in earning the few sadly needed dollars which her pride forbade her to borrow from any of them.

  32. At length he discovered her in a miserable garret, earning a bare subsistence by plaiting straw.

  33. I must think about it, because earning is so much nobler and more effectual than saving.

  34. It was necessary that she should earn money; and she had an opportunity now of earning what she needed at Birmingham.

  35. And the idea began to form in her mind that if she had some definite idea it would be better--even if the idea involved something hard and unheard of like earning her own living.

  36. Knowing my daughter as I did, I was sure that, at whatever cost, she would persevere in her determination to pay me back and would keep to the letter of her declaration even to the point of going out into the world and earning her own living.

  37. She left herself in Henrietta's young hands and she, casting about for a way of earning her living, found good fortune in the terrible basement kitchen where Mrs. Banks moved mournfully and had her disconsolate being.

  38. The letter was only to be posted after her death and she made no apology for asking the Malletts to see that her daughter had the chance of earning her living suitably.

  39. The idea of qualifying for the business of earning her bread did not occur to her.

  40. At Lichfield, however, Johnson could find no way of earning a livelihood.

  41. He was always earning some ridiculous nickname, and then "binding it as a crown unto him," not merely in metaphor, but literally.

  42. I was earning an honest living, though an humble one; and I was not living upon what belonged to another.

  43. How in the world could a fellow like Tom, earning a salary of five dollars a week, afford to board so luxuriously?

  44. Chapter III: Pitfalls in Socialism I In its early days, socialism was a revolutionary movement of which the object was the liberation of the wage-earning classes and the establishment of freedom and justice.

  45. But gradual reform has certain dangers, to wit, the ownership or control of businesses hitherto in private hands, and by encouraging legislative interference for the benefit of various sections of the wage-earning classes.

  46. He had a mind only for his mother, and the farm, and earning a living--and a heart for Abbie.

  47. She looks upon going to London and earning her own living as nothing at all!

  48. And, as you say, she is quite capable of earning her own living.

  49. He was manager of a theatre, and was at length earning a moderate competency.

  50. A boy of twelve years of age is able to keep himself, earning about five shillings per week.

  51. This profit will go to our own Government, who will not be taking it from the people for nothing, but amply earning it by giving them a universal uniform medium of exchange.

  52. She went primarily to make his acquaintance, with the hope also that by this means she might be put in some easy and genteel way of earning money.

  53. The girls she had known in her own quarter were by this time earning their own living: some in the manufactories, in the lighter forms of the iron trade, some in shops, and a few in domestic service.

  54. The 'Tribune' money article says the Dan and Beersheba Railroad is not really earning its dividends.

  55. Nor has objection then arisen because of the work, but solely because of its money-earning qualities.

  56. It was high time for them to think, he said, after ever so much education, of earning from sevenpence to tenpence a-week, for the good of the babies they carried.

  57. And by means of discreet action, I was enabled for fourteen years to draw the pension I had won so nobly, as well as the pay I was earning so grandly.

  58. They all desired to speak at once; but the clerk of the Coroner took the lead, having as yet performed no work toward the earning of his salt or rum.

  59. With such a firm faith as that, she would be happy in a garret earning but a few pence a day.

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