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Example sentences for "earns"

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earnestness; earnests; earneth; earning; earnings; earnt; earphone; earphones; earring; earrings
  1. One who puts his money in securities gets his money which the cash earns without effort on his part.

  2. That which a man earns by perspiration he appreciates and knows how to enjoy.

  3. The rich and the poor, the men of learning in common with the coolie who earns his living on the streets, refined ladies and the wives and daughters of the labouring classes, all have this passion in their blood.

  4. You remember that his family is desperately poor, and depend very largely upon this son for the wages he earns to keep them from starvation.

  5. Ostrich plumes are a perfectly harmless decoration, for the bird earns his own and his master's living by growing them, without losing his life.

  6. He earns his living by helping farmers clear their fields of potato-bugs.

  7. He also ventures up on the mountain sides, giving his inquisitive, questioning, mocking notes, and so earns a second name in those places, where he is called the Mountain Mockingbird.

  8. Bob earns his living these days by singing and going to market for the family, but he does both in a tearing hurry; for his housekeeping, like his honeymoon, is short.

  9. There's that old Mileham--he earns good money every week, and never pays a ha'penny.

  10. The guardians wish to contribute L13 a year, the father, who earns on an average L2:2s.

  11. A poor white labourer uses his hands and his lower head, and earns fifty cents a day.

  12. A highly educated worker becomes an inventor as well as a freeman, and earns five dollars a day.

  13. The newly installed President is a wood-turner by trade, earns eighteen dollars a week, is also a Republican, not active in politics, but a conscientious citizen.

  14. A charge of sixpence a week upon an artisan who earns twenty-five shillings a week may be the difference between sufficiency and insufficiency.

  15. Beyond that limit all that he earns is sheer waste, and uneconomic remuneration which evokes no further effort.

  16. At the present day he earns 10-1/2 shillings, with twenty-four hours' less labor.

  17. We have no money now that the cheque is lost, except just what Primrose earns from Mrs. Mortlock.

  18. Why, of course, Mrs. Flint would be likely to scold her if she went about with her ragged boots when she earns such good wages.

  19. Echerolles, formerly a brigadier-general, keeps the office of the new line of diligences at Lyons, and earns 1200 francs a year.

  20. If he earns more than is sufficient for such maintenance, he violates no legal obligation if he spends the surplus in extravagance or gives it away.

  21. It is said that every woman who earns her living crowds a man out.

  22. The mother is supposed to char; she gets parish relief, and one child earns out of school hours.

  23. One boy earns a trifle out of school hours.

  24. The firm must see to it that when the worker is in the works he earns his day wage, and in this respect the day wage standard is equivalent to reward production or reward time.

  25. Then a really first-class man comes along and earns 80s.

  26. The captain who fierce armies led Becomes a quiet seminary's head-- Poor as his privates, earns his bread.

  27. Yet he that plants his foot with hazardous tread by that perilous barter earns his bread, and makes the rope ward off both cold and hunger.

  28. And so it is, that while Coranus follows the standards and earns his daily pay, his father, though tottering on the edge of the grave, pays court to his son that he may make him his heir.

  29. Yet envy not the man who earns hard bread By tragedy: the Muses' friends are fled!

  30. It struck me then--and I have found out for certain since--that there is a popular anxiety to borrow from a man who earns money by writing.

  31. And to this conclusion Society holds her by the refusal to receive into the ‘best circles’ her who earns her living by her own labor.

  32. A man who acknowledges that he dislikes the business by which he earns his living is looked upon with instant distrust, as silly, indolent, or, at the best, unphilosophical.

  33. Indeed, she earns enough to be charitable.

  34. Yes; she's a bookkeeper, and earns her pound a week.

  35. He earns his thirty shillings a week now.

  36. It was witnessed by a man who earns his living washing carriages in the mews close by, and who has for years taken an interest in the mysterious home of Samuel Statham.

  37. Strange, isn't it, that each one of us earns a reputation for something in which really does not excel?

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