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Example sentences for "idling"

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idlenesse; idler; idlers; idlesse; idlest; idly; ido; idol; idola; idolater
  1. I'll make him laugh at the wrong side of his mouth," thought the squire, alighting and giving his horse to the care of one of the little ragged boys who were idling in the street.

  2. He saw all the other animals idling their time away, taking their ease all day long, and doing nothing but filling their bellies with food, and sleeping all the afternoon in the hot sunshine.

  3. Outside the library Cargrim was idling about, in the hope of picking up some crumbs of information, when Graham took his departure.

  4. This is the sword of all swords," he said, "and it is for you, if you will leave your idling here by the castle gate and carry it to the battle.

  5. So he watched carefully, and as soon as he found the other boy idling he called the teacher's attention to it.

  6. He not only had been caught idling himself, but playing a mean trick.

  7. But he had cut the Queen's drives to the merest idling pulse as soon as he staggered back to the control console and got his first look at the screens, so it must have been the light that had moved.

  8. He paused a moment before the big circular vault doors, listening to the purr of the Queen's idling engines in the next compartment.

  9. In passing through the deserted lobby of the hotel, they saw Clifford idling about; but they were too much absorbed to wonder what had kept him up so late.

  10. After idling back and forth for a time, Kirk selected a chair and stretched himself out; but he was scarcely seated before the deck steward approached him and said: "Do you wish this chair for the voyage, sir?

  11. Von Tielitz and Messer had been at an uproarious ball the night before and were idling about, recuperating.

  12. They passed a number of sailboats lazily idling in the light wind, and several small power boats shot past with engines beating furiously upon the still waters.

  13. The three men having dined had, from appearances, been idling at the table for some time.

  14. The low rumble of the idling engines was barely audible as they descended the long ladder.

  15. The engines were idling now, the plane running more and more slowly.

  16. Its mighty propellers still idling slowly, the huge plane rolled to a standstill.

  17. The shop at last became her regular place for idling away her time, a place where her thoughts, her words, her body and her very limbs were marvelously at ease.

  18. When he entered the door, his tallness and lean ease of posture silhouetted in the light, she could look in on the group of idling male gossips.

  19. I foresaw the day when I should so prove my ability that father would take me into his own store, and then, gradually, I would make my place, secure, while you were idling about Europe.

  20. The idling of rep-ray generators was reported from the center of their camp, obviously those of the ships the Hans had given them--the price of their treason to their race.

  21. Soon after that, idling under the poop awning, I picked up the Doctor's book from his vacant chair.

  22. We could see the toffs in evening dress idling in the glow of her electric lights.

  23. I was idling amidships about the ship's shadowy structure when I was asked to take charge of the bridge till eight bells.

  24. He took wine at breakfast, and after idling a little with our foreign dishes he would wipe his mouth on our tablecloth, and then leave for the bridge.

  25. Chapter XXII Shadows of Coming Events Aaron King and Conrad Lagrange were idling in their camp, after breakfast the next morning, when Czar turned his head, quickly, in a listening attitude.

  26. I have been idling most shamefully, haven't I?

  27. It was late; he must go on; he had not meant to sit idling by the road-side.

  28. He had a small valise in his hand, and was idling along as though he were waiting for something.

  29. Through the hot August days I was idling in that part of Norfolk that is justly termed Poppyland, making my headquarters at a farmhouse near Cromer.

  30. While idling over dessert, with just an hour to catch my train to Bayonne, the waitress handed me a note, stating that a man-servant awaited a reply.

  31. I looked at my father; but he appeared to think all was as it should be, and for the moment I was dumfounded at the idea of taking so many and such great chances simply to save idling a few days.

  32. One afternoon, shortly before Christmas, as we were idling in the American bar of the hotel, my friend told me that Muriel had invited us to tea at her cousin's that afternoon, and accordingly we went there in company.

  33. Idling in sleepy Abo, where the public buildings were so mean and meager and the houses for the most part built of wood, I saw on every hand the disastrous result of the attempted Russification of the country.

  34. At eight o'clock, however, just as we were idling over dessert, two gray-coated police officers entered and arrested me on the serious charge of landing without a passport.

  35. Not the dreamy, idling mood that the sentimentalists would have us adopt, but a burning feverishness that hardly allows one to linger before any individual shrine.

  36. Cernobbio is far and away the best idling place on the Lago di Como and is getting to be the rival of Aix-les-Bains in France, already the most frequently visited automobile centre in Europe.

  37. He had been idling in the backwaters of good intentions long enough.

  38. He has plenty of money and spends his time idling about New York, in frequent communication with at least one navy officer.

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